Massive migrant center closed in Houston

ABC News obtained exclusive video of warehouse staffers removing the belongings of nearly 500 unaccompanied migrant girls who were housed at the center, but abruptly moved.
2:15 | 04/19/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Massive migrant center closed in Houston
Next tonight, the Biden administration abruptly closing a detention center housing hundreds of unaccompanied migrant girls. The allegations about what happened inside are disturbing tonight. ABC's chief white house correspondent Cecilia Vega and what she's learned. Exclusive details on the allegations and, of course, the question, why was the center allowed to open in the first place? Reporter: Tonight, this massive warehouse in Houston is closed. The nearly 500 unaccompanied migrant girls housed there abruptly moved. ABC news obtaining this exclusive video. Staffers removing their belongings. Girls being driven off in buses. And this exchange with police at the scene -- Can you tell me why they're being moved? For their own safety. Reporter: Facing an influx at the border, the bide unadministration rushed to open the center, awarding a $4 million contract to the national association of Christian churches. A group that specializes in disaster relief, not caring for migrant kids. But just 17 days later, that contract ended, after what sources say were multiple allegations, including not enough staffers to accompany children to the bathroom. Some girls told to use plastic bags to relieve themselves. Children sitting on cots most of the day. Non-existent outdoor space. Migrant rights advocate Cesar espionsa toured the site two weeks ago. The girls were not allowed to get up unless it was to shower or to use the restroom. Even their meals were delivered to their cots. Reporter: Tonight, this new video showing the warehouse full of cots and the belongings left behind. A lawyer for the church group tells ABC news the administration, including health and human services secretary Javier Becerra, personally requested their services and that they "Did what they could do to help under the direction of HHS." But tonight, the Biden administration not answering questions about how a group with little to no experience working with migrant children was awarded a multimillion dollar contract to do exactly that. And officials here are refusing to answer specifics about how this group was vetted and how they were awarded this contract. One white house official says this specific site did not meet the Biden administration's very high standard for child welfare. David, as for those girls, some are headed to other shelters now, others, they tell me, will be reunited with family members here in the United States. All right, Cecilia Vega with exclusive reporting today. Cecilia, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"ABC News obtained exclusive video of warehouse staffers removing the belongings of nearly 500 unaccompanied migrant girls who were housed at the center, but abruptly moved.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"77173362","title":"Massive migrant center closed in Houston","url":"/WNT/video/massive-migrant-center-closed-houston-77173362"}