Massive Sinkhole in Florida Swallows Up Car and Driveway

Family had five minutes to escape near Tampa, Florida.
1:25 | 11/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Massive Sinkhole in Florida Swallows Up Car and Driveway
tonight to a neighborhood on alert in Florida. Part of the ground disappearing today. One caravanishing. And as you're about to see, this has become an all-too common problem. Here's ABC's Steve osunsami. Reporter: For families heading off to work this morning, this was no way to start the week. Just a big thud. Big thump. Reporter: According to a geologist, another Florida sink hole, nearly ten feet wide and ten feet deep, swallowing a car and most of this driveway outside Tampa. Authorities forcing the bowsers and six other families nearby to leave their homes. Florida just can't quit with the sink holes. More than 250 reported last year alone. A third of them in these three counties. How far is it sinking? It's just cracking. The whole house and the floors are cracking. Reporter: Almost a year ago, this one opened up 70 feet wide and our cameras were rolling as it got bigger. This one took out a villa outside Orlando. The hole grew to 100 feet wide. Vacationing families inside scrambling to get out in time. Just started rubbing out and throwing our stuff over the balconies. It was just crazy. Reporter: Sink holes form when water, deep underground, washes away the limestone and the Earth bay above falls in. Tonight, they're hoping this one doesn't grow. Steve osunsami, ABC news, Atlanta.

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{"duration":"1:25","description":"Family had five minutes to escape near Tampa, Florida.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"26821992","title":"Massive Sinkhole in Florida Swallows Up Car and Driveway","url":"/WNT/video/massive-sinkhole-florida-swallows-car-driveway-26821992"}