Massive storm system slams US

Deadly tornados, damaging winds and torrential rain tear through the South.
2:51 | 01/12/20

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Transcript for Massive storm system slams US
Wild weather tearing across the country leaving a trail of deadly destruction. Tornadoes and high winds slamming homes Texas Louisiana and Alabama as people were sleeping. Winds so strong an elderly couple's mobile home was pushed 200 feet off its foundation. Sadly firefighters there in Louisiana finding the bodies nearby. More than half a dozen people crossed three states were killed damaging winds large hail and flooding. And that snow in Dallas take a look all part of a major storm system sweeping the country for the eighty million Americans at Rick's tonight. In that rough weather stretching from the Gulf Coast all the way to Maine. And this just in to force responders killed on an icy highway. Tornado watches are still in effect right now ABC's Killy hearts and in hot Louisiana were tornado tore through the town in the middle but not. Tonight deadly tornado striking the south as a massive storm system slams Texas to Maine killing more than half a dozen people. More than eighty million people under weather alerts including tornadoes and powerful winds casino until Rachael Ray. Damaging winds knocking trees on to cars ripping down power lines in Chicago. Heavy rains flooding streets more than 300000 customers without power across eight states. A possible tornado ripping through Pickens County Alabama. Leaving at least three people dead and EF two tornado shredding homes snapping giant trees like twigs and those are parish Louisiana. An elderly couple killed when their trailer was ripped off its foundation here. And flogged fifty yards. The tornado hitting in the middle of the night police drove video showing the path of destruction I didn't think it was of this magnitude to wake up and see the news this morning and was. It's really sad quickie winds toppling this trio did his home in Oil City killing one person inside authorities surveying the damage left behind. And tragedy in Texas after a 12 punch a firefighter and police officer killed. While working this crashed on an icy interstate in Lubbock high winds tearing the canopy off this gas station in Houston. And just hours after the thunderstorms roared through snow started folly drivers navigating slushy streets. The Dallas Fort Worth area seeing its first measurable snow for the first time in three years. Dangerous weather all across the country killing heart and joins us now from the scene. It Houghton detailing the tornado that you're covering their hit overnight and you've been serving the damage all day. That's right tonic EF two tornado coordinates street apart. A tree slicing this home behind me in half. And just next door this home spared from serious damage but every family here has work to do folks you're telling me as soon as the sun came up they fired up their chain saws and started helping each other. Clear the debris in as the sun goes down you could still hear those chain saws at work. Tom Caylee hearts and on the front lines of some of that damage tonight.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"Deadly tornados, damaging winds and torrential rain tear through the South.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"68220613","title":"Massive storm system slams US","url":"/WNT/video/massive-storm-system-slams-us-68220613"}