The Master of the Universe Launches a New Search for Signs of Life

Stephen Hawking sets his hopes on a star system named Alpha Centauri.
2:59 | 04/12/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Master of the Universe Launches a New Search for Signs of Life
Early today here we were atop the new one world trade at ground zero today the observatory for a major announcement. Russian entrepreneur were you re builder and renowned professor Stephen Hawking and their plan to invest in a tiny spaceship. That could launch interstellar travel and right after professor hawking exclusively with us we gave hawking who communicates using a computer heads up. About what we've yes. It's an ambitious plan to build tiny space ships nano craps that could one day travel beyond the planet to the nearest star system. Catapulting us into the interstellar. Do you have the spacecraft review I do and I look at. So he shows me the size of spacecraft one day powered by Blake beams. So this is it. It doesn't look like the space shuttle or Voyager the alta month. Spacecraft is going to be about the size of this and India. Whether the flight and having much more functionality. Greatly. In Britain beside him one of the smartest minds in the world professor Stephen Hawking. Groundbreaking work celebrated in the be revamped. In your mind knowing what you know already. What do you expect to find things that would help us on earth or is this just an intellectual force. A rapid progress of technology or space exploration. Has improved people's lives and a past. So it would not be shirt rice that brought benefits. Do you have any recent to believe that will find other intelligent life out there. And will it be at a place where we can communicate what it should we communicate with. It is unlikely that there happens to me intelligent life that over nearest star system. But he added just being able to explore in neighboring star system to send images back and make history. As talking try to inspire the next generation we ask him about the generations. You already inspired a want to ask you about the Simpsons. Smart is hand of course the Hollywood movie that so many of us have watched freaks and your life. How does it feel to be a pop culture icon. I won't electorate through pop culture I caught. Until I have been done there Kardashians. Be careful what you wish for. We see his smile. And we ask Jiri about where we're city. Topped one world trade he said were the closest point in North America. To the stars yes where were sitting right here yes but he went a lot closer. If Ronald going to achieve that and in a lifetime then we need to pass the baton to the next generation. Could be twenty years before it happens but they hope to inspire the next generation. Inspired us today that is broadcast tonight and even your I hope to see you right back here tomorrow until then had to be.

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{"id":38347518,"title":"The Master of the Universe Launches a New Search for Signs of Life","duration":"2:59","description":"Stephen Hawking sets his hopes on a star system named Alpha Centauri.","url":"/WNT/video/master-universe-launches-search-signs-life-38347518","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}