McCaskill fighting tooth and nail to hang onto Missouri Senate seat

She's counting on one issue to save her seat in an area dominated by trump supporters: health care.
2:51 | 11/06/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for McCaskill fighting tooth and nail to hang onto Missouri Senate seat
And across this country, many democratic senators are trying to keep their jobs, keep their senate seats in states president trump won. ABC's Deborah Roberts tonight in Missouri. Will Claire Mccaskill hold on with a challenge from Josh Hawley? President trump in Missouri later tonight. Reporter: David, president trump won Missouri by 19 points, and now Democrat Claire Mccaskill is fighting tooth and nail here to hang onto her senate seat. The two-term senator's message to voters here in trump country? She's not one of those, quote "Crazy Democrats," and on issues like immigration, she'll work with the president. I support whatever the president needs to make sure the border is not overwhelmed. Reporter: But to her Republican opponent Josh Hawley, Mccaskill just another Washington liberal. It's time to say to Claire Mccaskill, you are fired. Reporter: Mccaskill's counting on one issue to save her seat -- health care. Josh Hawley will always protect pre-existing conditions. Reporter: In fact, as Missouri's attorney general, Hawley joined a lawsuit to overturn Obamacare that would gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions. Health care is one of those top issues for Missouri voters, but Hawley is counting on the president's last-minute swing through this state to put him over the top. David? Deborah Roberts in St. Louis tonight, where it could be down to the wire this time tomorrow. Deb, thank you. Those are just some of the key senate races we're watching. We have Mary Bruce with us tonight, we've brought the capitol to you for a change. Let's show everybody at home the number we showed at the top of the broadcast. For Democrats to take control of the house, they need 23 seats. It's a big if, but if they're able to pull that off, what are the three things you'll be watching? Reporter: Democrats are going to put the trump administration under an intense microscope. The first thing I'm watching, the investigations. They are going to demand to see president trump's tax returns. They're going to dig into conflicts of interest to questions about possible Russia collusion. Second thing to keep an eye on, Robert Mueller. Democrats are likely to take steps to try to protect the special counsel. The third issue is impeachment. Don't expect Democrats to bring that up much. They want to see what the special counsel has discovered. They want to know what Robert Mueller has. In the meantime, if Democrats pull this off in the house, much harder in the senate, so many democratic senators defending their seats in red seats that trump won, but in the house, it's not a guarantee it would be madame speaker with Nancy Pelosi. Reporter: Many candidates have already said they will not support her. Nancy Pelosi's going to face a battle, but she is a fighter and we're told she's been working the phones behind the scenes with some of those possible freshmen candidates. Mary Bruce, great to have you here in person. We'll see you tomorrow night. Mary and I will be here this time tomorrow. We'll be joining George and the entire powerhouse political team. Our coverage begins at 8:00 P.M. Eastern. It's going to be a huge night. Mary, we'll see you here then.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"She's counting on one issue to save her seat in an area dominated by trump supporters: health care.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"58985961","title":"McCaskill fighting tooth and nail to hang onto Missouri Senate seat","url":"/WNT/video/mccaskill-fighting-tooth-nail-hang-missouri-senate-seat-58985961"}