Melania Trump defends husband against allegations he demeaned soldiers

The president is under fire over reports that he mocked dead American soldiers.
2:29 | 09/05/20

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Transcript for Melania Trump defends husband against allegations he demeaned soldiers
Now to the race for 2020. And with less than two months until Americans vote, a new flash point on the campaign trail. First lady Melania trump among those in trump's inner circle coming to his defense as they deny a report that he allegedly disparaged American soldiers. That denial doing very little to stop the Biden campaign from responding. Andrew dymburt is in Washington. Reporter: Tonight, outrage over reports president Donald Trump allegedly mocked dead American soldiers. A handful of protesters with these messages for the commander in chief as he arrived at his golf course this morning. After that atlantic magazine article alleging the president disparaged Americans killed in the line of duty as losers and suckers. The president has repeatedly denied the claims. There is nobody that feels more strongly about our soldiers, our wounded warriors, our soldiers that died in war, than I do. It's a hoax. Reporter: The article, based entirely on anonymous sources, alleges that during a 2018 trip to France, the president questioned a visit to a world War I cemetery where American troops are buried, asking, why should I go to that cemetery? It's filled with losers. That visit was called off. The white house said it was due to bad weather. ABC news has not confirmed the allegations. Administration officials have rushed to the president's defense like secretary of state Mike Pompeo. I can tell you, I was with him for a good part of the trip, I never heard him use the words that are described in the article. Just, I never saw it. Reporter: And first lady Melania trump, who rarely comments on accusations against her husband tweeting the story is not true. But Joe Biden is ripping his opponent over the report, releasing this new ad featuring veterans reading quotes from the article. You can't love the military and call someone who got killed a sucker. If the article is true, and it appears to be based on other things he said, it is absolutely damnable. Andrew dymburt joins us live from Washington. Another flash point in the campaign of course is the issue of race, and there is news tonight the president directed federal ages to stop some race and diversity trainings. What's the rationale behind that? Reporter: The president retweeted nearly 20 references to this directive, some from far right leaning perspectives. Meanwhile a government memo called some of these trains like those that teach white privilege un-american. Andrew dymburt, thank you. Next to Fresno, California,

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{"duration":"2:29","description":"The president is under fire over reports that he mocked dead American soldiers. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"72841235","title":"Melania Trump defends husband against allegations he demeaned soldiers","url":"/WNT/video/melania-trump-defends-husband-allegations-demeaned-soldiers-72841235"}