Two Meteors Sighted Over the US

Scientists urge a meteoroid warning system after the devastation in Russia.
2:03 | 02/18/13

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Transcript for Two Meteors Sighted Over the US
And finally tonight, all of us around the world are still gazing up at the sky after the giant meteor crashed in russia. Well, now two meteor sightings have been sighted over the united states. So, experts are racing to create a system that could give earthlings more of a warning. Abc's kirit radia tonight from russia. Reporter: In the skies over california, a fireball lights up the night sky. Then last night, a meteor shower in florida. All this after a giant meteor exploded over russia traveling more than 60 times faster than the speed of sound. Exploding in the atmosphere with the force of 30 hiroshima bombs. It's a barrage from space that has everyone asking, are we ready for the big one? Some 100 tons of space rock enter earth's atmosphere every day, and while much of it lands in the ocean, pex erts are on the alert. There is a distinct possibility on of those things is headed our way and we don't even know about it. Reporter: They say the idea of blowing up an asteroid like bruce willis did in "armageddon" is hollywood fantasy. Even if you could hit the meteor, it's unlikely to stop it. But one prominent group has another idea, straight out of a science fiction movie. Push it into a different orbit. Reporter: Is called sentinel. Space telescopes would detect incoming objects, then unmanned space shims could nudge them out of earth's path. They're trying to raise $200 million to make it happen and hope to launch the telescope by 2016. Another project aims to give earthlings a held's up by 2015. They think they could've given those residents in russia at least a day's notice. Perhaps enough time to evacuate vvacuaevacuate. "It's something we only saw in the movies," he said, "we never thought we would see it ourselves." As if we needed one more reminder of our planet's active and unpredictable neighborhood. Kirit radia, abc news, moscow.

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{"id":18533306,"title":"Two Meteors Sighted Over the US","duration":"2:03","description":"Scientists urge a meteoroid warning system after the devastation in Russia.","url":"/WNT/video/meteors-sighted-us-18533306","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}