Michael Strahan's Heartfelt Speech

GMA host and football great left no one out when being inducted into the Football Hall of Fame.
1:44 | 08/03/14

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Transcript for Michael Strahan's Heartfelt Speech
And finally tonight a living legend Michael Strahan is journey to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Here's ABC's Ryan Smith. His trademark humor and grin. On full display. Michael Strahan to -- rightful place. Among football greats this weekend enshrined into the NFL hall of fame -- this is not TV Michael this is football Michael one of the best offensive players of his generation. An unlikely football star in my life. It's improbable. I am -- absolutely improbable. Hall of Famer a self proclaimed husky kid the Super Bowl -- coming clean on how we got in shape as a boy. And Marcus Allen Jane -- debates. That I with a hot ticket is -- can't get out and ever the gracious man. Thanking everyone from his father forge drive is the most amazing amazing man. It more so -- any of that one hell of a bar. To his mother -- her love not ashamed to say -- -- -- mama's boy. And the coaches and players who inspired you may be a better man. Coast Coughlin even a shout out to his ABC family -- TV wife Kelly -- book to the one and only Robin Roberts Robin thank you. But cut -- out here to support me but the football player now turned TV host and Good Morning America anchor. Talked about his greatest role the most important title I'm really I'm most proud. Is it Michael Strahan your father the message -- kids any thing is absolutely. Possible. Living proof you've got a dream big just like Mike. Ryan Smith ABC news New York. Congratulations to --

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{"id":24828102,"title":"Michael Strahan's Heartfelt Speech","duration":"1:44","description":"GMA host and football great left no one out when being inducted into the Football Hall of Fame.","url":"/WNT/video/michael-strahans-heartfelt-speech-24828102","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}