Mike Rice's Explosive Behavior and Short Fuse

The rage and shame of bullying at any age in America.
2:09 | 04/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mike Rice's Explosive Behavior and Short Fuse
This evening, more shock waves after that shocking video. The rutgers basketball coach, per rating his players, shoving them. Tonight, the athletic director, who originally suspended him instead of firing him, now out of a job, too. We were on campus today as that news came down. Tonight, new fallout at rutgers after that coach, mike rice, caught on tape, shoving his players, throwing basketballs at them, hurling homophobic slurs at them, too. Tonight, the athletic director who decided to suspend the coach instead of firing him -- he's now out, too. The university saying he offered his resignation, they accepted. That athletic director, outside his home late today. You know, it's a really sad day for a lot of people. Including me. And my family. Reporter: We were on campus today just as students learned it's not just the coach, but the athletic director, too. This young woman telling me suspending that coach wasn't enough in the first place. More should have been done. Reporter: They did it today. And I think that, you know, that -- better late than ever. Reporter: But max said the buck should stop with the coach, not his bosses. To fire the guy for not firing someone else -- that, to me, is ridiculous. Reporter: But "20/20" now exploring the bigger kwer. The conversation started by that tape this week. How common is this bad behavior, how early does it start? Look at this hockey coach, shaking hands with the opposing team, young players. Suddenly, taking out one of the players. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Reporter: He was sentenced to 15 days in jail. Rutgers student tim caufield, once a referee for kindergarten soccer. He couldn't take it because of the angry coaches. Your a ref for kindergarten soccer players, you make a questionable call -- the coach would scream at me in front of the children, like, kindergartners. Reporter: From fanties? Well, yeah. Reporter: You quilt your job? Yeah, I couldn't do it anymore. Reporter: Abc news wanting to know, what would you do if you saw an abusive coach? This experiment, when our team used actors to play the role of coach and athlete. You are a loser. Pathetic. Reporter: Countless parents walking by, as a coach pushes a young boy past his limit. We need to stop. We just started! Reporter: Really incredible.

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{"id":18892706,"title":"Mike Rice's Explosive Behavior and Short Fuse","duration":"2:09","description":"The rage and shame of bullying at any age in America.","url":"/WNT/video/mike-rices-explosive-behavior-short-fuse-18892706","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}