More Than a Million South Carolina Residents Could Be Called to Evacuate

Bumper-to-bumper traffic hinders travelers seeking higher ground to avoid the destruction of Hurricane Matthew.
3:23 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for More Than a Million South Carolina Residents Could Be Called to Evacuate
Schools closed for nearly two million children in the country. More than a thousand flights already canceled and tonight in South Carolina in fact. They have reversed the direction of several lanes on some highways there to actually help families get out and quickly. Beat year old is rob Marciano is along I 26 in North Charleston tonight. Tonight but that you wage and under way Oklahoma South Carolina coast more than a quarter million people told to get out immediately. That number could grow as a storm gets closer we want you to evacuate we do not want you to stay. Residents boarding up. And sandbag it. Gassing up and now heading for safer ground for those without cars fleet of buses offering a ride for people like Samir Snyder. Planet so we decided to traffic this morning already bumper to bumper on interstate 26 the main artery out of Charleston then this afternoon the Highway Patrol blocking eastbound traffic. Absolutely no one on the road that is what troopers are looking for soon making the major interstate. A one way highway helping more people get out faster. This map showing the State's evacuation routes and where that interstate 26 traffic is now going in a single direction away from the coast. And rob Marciano with a slide was well tonight to Bob this is the first time I 26 has ever been shut down for hurricane evacuations. A what's a look at Mike so far. So far so good these change behind me had been jammed up at times but. They're saying it did you evacuate he gassed up and be radical all the way to Columbia the last time they evacuated for a major hurricane was back in 1999 Floyd. That's what should about a two hour drive made it a twelve hour nightmare they certainly don't want that's. Situation again get out and get out early rob Marciano in the storm zone rob thank you meteorologists in museum satellite beach in Central Florida tonight. Would this new trap we were talking about and ginger wears a hurricane right now when do we expect to feel it here in the US. David we are less than 24 hours from feeling it here on the coast of Florida what could be a nightmare situation. That hurricane is now about 450 miles to my south east and it's fitting. That I'm and fat in satellite beach because we're about the one that nasty if satellite that I've ever seen coming with the US a look at that. Through the Bahamas that goes into the category 320 miles per hour winds moving northwest at twelve miles per hour a common are urgent now through tomorrow hurricane warning hurricane warning right here along those to Daytona Beach. And networking. Watch goes up at the open waters outside of Charleston a quick look at the timing David it is bad news by tomorrow morning in NASA. That right logic there then you move the hurricane. We took both of Florida making landfall on our computer model here by Friday morning if I would be standing here in satellite beach. My goodness it has that destructive when the locally ten plus inches you don't need a landfall to feel incredible results David. Possible direct hit near Cape Canaveral in the meantime ginger what do you make of some of the forecast models that could show this actually circling around and then hitting potentially twice. So after Friday morning take the path here with me and hugged along the coast Jacksonville up if if parts of Georgia into South Carolina very important to watch the proximity there even to Wilmington but turned back around. And yet some of the models trying to take it back toward Florida again will be watching what you. Howard to Jersey rob Marciano GO -- is all in the storm zone for us thank you ginger.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"Bumper-to-bumper traffic hinders travelers seeking higher ground to avoid the destruction of Hurricane Matthew.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"42603180","title":"More Than a Million South Carolina Residents Could Be Called to Evacuate ","url":"/WNT/video/million-south-carolina-residents-called-evacuate-42603180"}