At least 3 still missing after deadly Tennessee tornadoes

The damage stretches for miles across the middle of the state after the twisters left at least 25 dead.
2:13 | 03/05/20

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Transcript for At least 3 still missing after deadly Tennessee tornadoes
tonight, and in Tennessee this evening, the horrific aftermath of deadly tornadoes that struck in the middle of the night and the search for the missing at this hour. At least 25 dead, 18 of them in Putnam county east of Nashville, including five children, the youngest, just 2. Tonight, the search for those still unaccounted for, as families try to put their lives back together. ABC's Victor Oquendo on the scene in Tennessee tonight. Reporter: After tornadoes pummeled the Nashville area with winds reaching 165 miles an hour, tonight across middle Tennessee, destruction is everywhere. Thousands still without power. Here in Putnam county, east of Nashville, the damage is everywhere. The storms took at least 18 lives in this county alone. The damage stretches for miles. Worst natural disaster in history of Putnam county. Reporter: Search and rescue operations are under way for multiple people still missing. This was the front porch and beyond that porch was the home itself. And its gone. Reporter: Lamar Redmond's sister and brother-in-law Cathy and Keith Selby both died in the storm. Their bodies recovered 50 yards from their home. When you wake up the next morning and part of your family is gone, that's a big pill to swallow. Reporter: A couple of houses over, Richard Curtis also reeling. His son-in-law and grandson did not survive. What can you tell me about them? They were fine people. Reporter: At least 25 are dead. The youngest victim just 2 years old. Sawyer Kimberlin died along with his parents, Josh and Erin. But amid the tragedy, harrowing stories of survival. Jean Gregory's husband racing to protect her as the tornado closed in. So, he came in and he drug me off the bed and threw me on the floor. Got on top of me and we rode it out in the bedroom. Reporter: The couple surviving without a scratch. And Victor 0 Ken toe with us live tonight. And Victor, we know first responders are still searching for victims. And what are you learning from authorities tonight? Reporter: David, teams are still out on the ground and in the air. Take a look. One local police department even using a drone that has a thermal lens on it that would help them spot someone still trapped in the rubble. Teams are still going door-to-door, as well. The National Guard is here to help, but some areas might not be accessible for weeks. David? We're thinking about all those families tonight. Victor, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:13","description":"The damage stretches for miles across the middle of the state after the twisters left at least 25 dead.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"69397335","title":"At least 3 still missing after deadly Tennessee tornadoes","url":"/WNT/video/missing-deadly-tennessee-tornadoes-69397335"}