The Mission That Went Wrong in Somalia

New details emerge about why Navy SEAL Team Six was forced to abort mission to capture a terrorist.
1:28 | 10/08/13

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Transcript for The Mission That Went Wrong in Somalia
have not yet chosen a plan. Tonight the u.S. Says it is trying to learn the secrets held by an al qaeda terrorist held on a u.S. Battle ship at sea. The man seized in that bold raid in libya. Martha raddatz has been talking to our sources she's here with the latest. Reporter: The most urgent information they want to get from liby is whether there are anymore attacks planned. Right now a team of interrogators is on the ship with him. They cannot use torture or degrade him but they can play good cop bad cop, threaten him with very serious legal action and try to wear him down, although they have to give him four hours' sleep every 24 hours. But meanwhile, because of his capture, the reaction to it, the u.S. Is moving 200 marines to a base in italy as a precaution in case there is any threat to americans in africa. Talk about a high stakes interrogation. Have you learned anything more about that other raid, the navy s.E.A.L. In somalia during the middle of the night? Reporter: Yes, when the S.E.A.L.s WENT TO GRAB THE Leader, they got lots more resistance than they thought, there was a fire fight. In the mist of all that the s.E.A.L. Spotted children in the compound and the commander decided to back off rather than risk harming kids. That's the advantage of having troops on the ground. They can make that kind of instant decision. Martha, thank you so much tonight.

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{"id":20511669,"title":"The Mission That Went Wrong in Somalia","duration":"1:28","description":"New details emerge about why Navy SEAL Team Six was forced to abort mission to capture a terrorist.","url":"/WNT/video/mission-wrong-somalia-20511669","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}