New Movement to Change the Packaging of Detergent Pods

One grandmother says detergent pods look too much like candy and are making too many kids sick.
2:00 | 10/08/13

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Transcript for New Movement to Change the Packaging of Detergent Pods
We move on next because we reported here about the concern over those detergent pods, brightly colored pellets that look so much like candy and kids can't tell the difference. They've made a lot of children sick. Tonight the story that there is a new chapter. A determined grandmother says this has to change right now. Abc's linsey davis. Reporter: Detergent packets like these are advertised as an end to messes, spills, and heavy jugs. But they're also sending more and more children to the emergency room. Children like one-year-old alexander klienschmidt who spent the last ten days clinging to life in a minnesota intensive care unit. His family says he mistook these tide pods for candy. And 15-month-old dakari byrd of chicago earlier this month. He started to turn blue. He got lethargic. Reporter: As this type of product grows in popularity, so are reports to poison control centers. From the beginning of january to the end of august this year, there were 6,724 reports of these incidents. Roughly 450 cases more than all of 2012. The makers of tide pods, proctor and gamble changed the package is twice. Some chain that the old containers look too much like candy jars. They're no longer see through. They've not only increased the warning labels but the placement of them like this right across the top. Children aren't going into the packaging to get the product. They're inter septembering it. Reporter: She's demanding that the company stop making pods look like candy and wrap each pod in an individual wrapper. It's gotten 34,000 signatures. But proctor and gamble tell abc news the company has no plans to make additional changes, saying we're confident in the positive impact of the many actions we've taken. Linsey davis. Abc news. New york.

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{"id":20511697,"title":"New Movement to Change the Packaging of Detergent Pods","duration":"2:00","description":"One grandmother says detergent pods look too much like candy and are making too many kids sick.","url":"/WNT/video/movement-change-packaging-detergent-pods-20511697","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}