Nasty winter weather hits a huge part of the country

Treacherous weather condition causing the flood threat.
2:56 | 02/10/18

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Transcript for Nasty winter weather hits a huge part of the country
Next tonight, the nasty weather slamming a huge part of the country. The slow-moving storm plan keling the rockies and the midwest. This snowy scene, take a look, in Denver, making for dangerous driving. As the system churns east, a flood threat from Alabama to Massachusetts. This Texas town already under water, and there's freezing rain for millions, powerful thunderstorms as well. Sam champion tonight is standing by tonight. But we begin with Alex Perez in Chicago. Reporter: Right now, 40 million Americans bracing for more ice, snow, and rain as winter weather alerts stretch from the deep south to new England. It's rough. I wouldn't suggest that you go out. Reporter: It's coming down in Colorado, blinding drivers near Denver. Parts of the midwest bracing for even more snow tonight. Chicago residents still trying to claw their way out from this. It's not heavy, but it ain't light either. Reporter: The Chicago area buried under 10 inches of snow. This driver sliding sideways down the highway. Cars and semis stuck in their tracks in Michigan, one person already killed near Flint. Traffic at a crawl along I-94 in Kalamazoo after this 38-vehicle crash. Police in Milwaukee posting this video, warning drivers against going too fast. The same storm system flooding parts of southern Texas. This is crazy, not even a hurricane. Reporter: Heavy rain causing this river in Nashville to overflow. And Alex Perez joining us now live from a very snowy Chicago. As we just saw some residents already dealing with up to ten inches of snow there, now more is coming, Alex. That's right, Tom. It's hard to catch a break around here. We could see another 1 to 3 inches overnight on top of all of this before this storm pushes out. Tom. Alex Perez for us. I want to go back to developing flood threat. I want to welcome back Sam champion. Who's in danger tonight? Well a good part of to south all the way up the east coast. Another push of arctic east, where Alex was in Chicago, more snow. Let's talk about these strong storms going on right now. We got mardi grass going on in New Orleans. We already had a tornado warning, also a severe storm warning on the coast of Alabama. Right around New Orleans, overnight tonight, some very heavy rain. Watch that rain as it starts to slide north, from Asheville, into Roanoke, New York, some street flooding. Behind that, in that area where Alex was, little light coating there. 1 to 3 inches of snow. Through chicagoland, already seen -- tomorrow their ninth consecutive day of measurable snow. But the real problem, look at the pink there, from Springfield, south of Indianapolis, to Canton, all the way into Albany, that's ice and that will cause some real problems. Sam, thanks so much.

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{"id":52990772,"title":"Nasty winter weather hits a huge part of the country","duration":"2:56","description":"Treacherous weather condition causing the flood threat.","url":"/WNT/video/nasty-winter-weather-hits-huge-part-country-52990772","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}