Guard building floating bridge over SC floodwaters

Nearly 8,000 people are being told to pack up in case they need to evacuate Georgetown County.
2:07 | 09/24/18

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Transcript for Guard building floating bridge over SC floodwaters
We are alsong severe weather on the move a hour. Storms in theidwest min into the noheast. We have thetrack. And now ten days after hurricane orence madlandfall, sw images O new flooding toght. President trump was T remember justsago, talking with the familiesth that vy spot, tonight look at water now. The riv at a record high a still rising. E osunsamon scenfor us. Reporter: At least one of the rivers causi won't crest until Wednesday. S event isot the waters are continuing to rise. Reporter:t Hendrick needsa kayaet to his home in way, soutrolina. Hat do the people dohat ve lived TRE their wle life? No flood insurance, they're on a come because the rered. Reporter: Just a week ago, you could wahrough tow here's the president in front of a church a the from the hurricanes stopped. And here'she church surroundy flood wars that feel biblical.take a looat these ntraptionsn georgeto Coty National Guard tonight I building a floating bridge over D waters. Nearly 8,000 people here being told to get pag tough they may need to run in North Carolina, where the ter has receded, interstate but firefiirst. 350 ople had T beescued waters L this ove weekend the STE O North Carolina alone. Authoritiesay that I they ask you to leave, then please do David? So many days after Orm, you' still on it, Steve, thanku. As for thn theve I mentioned tonilet's get ri to ginger zee. Eporter: David, just G a rert in T ofannon county hinamage from a likelyado. Flash ood watch are in place all the way from Charleston, west virgia Louisville, which havead wettest to date on rico move the rai to the, and by storm morn fro Pittsburgh up through western New York. Anen severeorms, we have to watch for them,ia late tomorrow night, just north ofhicago. All watch for that, damagin wind and hail. David? Ginger, thank Andhere is sti much

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{"duration":"2:07","description":"Nearly 8,000 people are being told to pack up in case they need to evacuate Georgetown County.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"58052802","title":"Guard building floating bridge over SC floodwaters","url":"/WNT/video/national-guard-building-floating-bridge-floodwaters-sc-58052802"}