Natural Treasure Threatened by Growing Fires

Wildfires rage near Yosemite National Park; thousands forced to evacuate.
3:11 | 08/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Natural Treasure Threatened by Growing Fires
Wild -- now spreading into Yosemite National Park and a state of emergency now for San Francisco because there water comes from Yosemite. Tonight our team inside the park the fire almost completely out of control. Thousands of families and alert their homes threatened stunned by the speed of the fire and look at this tonight the view from space the wildfire so big who spoke clearly visible there. Tonight we ask ABC's Neal Karlinsky just how close the fire is to some of the most famous sites inside Yosemite. Neal David good evening from the edge of this angry fire here's a flare up from just the last ten minutes herself. We're just back from down the road here inside Yosemite where we've got an up close look. -- efforts to protect the park. Yosemite is burning. These are the first pictures inside the park of fire fighters massing to keep this damage to a minimum at one of America's most pristine treasures. We're in Yosemite. -- -- -- -- -- Yosemite with its waterfalls and -- peaks like Al -- ten. Is still open and the famous landmarks remain untouched and smoke free. But the concern is real. -- picks up the intensity. California's governor is now declared a -- of emergency for the city of San Francisco. 150. Miles away. Because the power lines that -- the city could be cut off by the fire. Water is an issue as well we travel to the massive -- -- reservoir ringside Yosemite which provides 85%. Of San Francisco's water. The concern evident in these pictures that ash and debris will. Pollute the water. Officials say the size of the fire hasn't actually changed that much it's the intensity. Still there are evacuations underway and one small piece of good news the fire is now about 5% contained that is. Not much but it's a lot more than the 1% they had. Just a day ago. David 5% -- a lot of long way to go into disease put us here on the desk and you've been following this well as well the fire forecast tonight right now the humidity is still very well in these places and I'm not gonna get a lot of help especially by this cold front. It is now slipping down from the northwest David you see how it comes -- -- lightning comes with it and then you get those thunderstorms. The winds -- The ground they -- and make the fires even more erratic than they already are it would -- the moisture to the south of there -- there was some thought that maybe would help but now it's not going to this is what it looks like right now -- no threat to land and weakening so this is the path of that really stays offshore from Bob -- even but we're still going to see pieces of moisture that tropical air. Really rising into an already saturated southwest and what happens after that you get isolated thunderstorms that could drop really heavy rains we're talking one to two inches per hour. And in places like this they do not do well from Las Vegas San Diego Phoenix. Not well at all with that type of heavy rain you see where if somebody's fire -- and not in the brains of -- all the way around it but -- where it's needed.

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{"id":20058330,"title":"Natural Treasure Threatened by Growing Fires","duration":"3:11","description":"Wildfires rage near Yosemite National Park; thousands forced to evacuate.","url":"/WNT/video/natural-treasure-threatened-growing-fires-20058330","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}