Nelson Mandela Released From Hospital

South African government says leader is improving, but many worry for weakened health.
1:33 | 04/06/13

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Transcript for Nelson Mandela Released From Hospital
In south africa, a hero is going home. Former president nelson mandela left the hospital. The government there says he's improving and even so, many in that country are concerned about a weakened icon who holds a giant place in their hearts. Ron claiborne is in johannesburg tonight. Reporter: Nelson mandela is resting at his home in this johannesburg neighborhood and there is considerable relief in a country where he's considered the father of post-apartheid south africa. This afternoon, an ambulance with nelson mandela inside left the pretoria hospital where he spent the last ten days and brought him to his home in johannesburg. In a statement, the south african government said he was discharged from the hospital following a sustained and gradual improvement in his general condition. Your reaction that he's out now? I'm glad he's better, obviously. Very glad he's better. We wish him well and thrilled he's home. A dream come true. Yeah. Yes. Reporter: Mandela was rushed to the hospital on march 27th for what was described as a lung infection. Given his age and frail health, this was the third hospitalization since december, many south africans worried. Praying for his recovery, and outside his home some children left these painted rocks with a message. Mandela is at home surrounded by family, including his wife, and the government says he'll continue to get high-quality medical care while he's home.

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{"id":18897604,"title":"Nelson Mandela Released From Hospital","duration":"1:33","description":"South African government says leader is improving, but many worry for weakened health.","url":"/WNT/video/nelson-mandela-released-hospital-18897604","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}