Newly Released Video of Ariel Castro

New details emerge about the man who held three women captive and took his own life.
1:48 | 09/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Newly Released Video of Ariel Castro
Now we turn to newly released video of the man who held three women captive in that house in cleveland and then took his own life. Alex perez takes us through what we have learned about ariel castro on this tape. Reporter: When amanda berry vanished without a trace, her heart broken mother louwanna never stopped looking for her. It's been 300 days not knowing. Reporter: Today in newly released police interrogation obtained by nbc news, ariel castro told police that a week after he kidnapped amanda, he used her cellphone to call her mother himself. What did you say to her mom? I think I said something that I have her daughter and that she's okay. And that she's my wife now. Reporter: Castro said he didn't identify himself and quickly hung up. Louwanna miller died in 2006. Today cleveland police would not comment on whether or not they knew about or investigated that call. During those ten years castro HELD BERRY, gina DeJesus and michelle knight hostage inside that cleveland house, police never suspected him. But castro told investigators there were close calls. He thought school cameras CAPTURED HIM LURING gina DeJesus to his car. You said we could have broke the case right then and there. Because they had surveillance cameras. Reporter: Castro says another time his girlfriend heard a tv on in the upstairs room where michelle knight was imprisoned. And my heart started beating and I said, okay, she's probably catching on to something. It was a close call? Yeah. Tuesday, in a tiny prison cell, castro ended his life. As his victims finally move on with their's. Alex perez, abc ne chicago.

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{"id":20184701,"title":"Newly Released Video of Ariel Castro","duration":"1:48","description":"New details emerge about the man who held three women captive and took his own life.","url":"/WNT/video/newly-released-video-ariel-castro-20184701","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}