The Newscaster Live on TV When an Earthquake Hits

Big jump in rumbles in Oklahoma -- fracking may be a factor.
1:33 | 06/16/14

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Transcript for The Newscaster Live on TV When an Earthquake Hits
Earthquake that rattled much of the heartland striking an Oklahoma as a meteorologist was on the air the number of quakes in that part of the country spiking tonight we ask why. And what that -- year old is said on the air that proved spun off. ABC's why no -- tonight. And feeling that. This morning's forecast in Oklahoma City came with a jolt and not from that first cup -- coffee as well. -- I'm so sorry this is live on -- In a state known for its tornadoes meteorologists here have suddenly gotten pretty good at measuring earthquakes. That was a magnitude four point two that was. Well over four point oh magnitude I can tell you that what's right album. They've had a lot of practice since the beginning of this year Oklahoma has had 200 quakes of magnitude three or higher that's more than a 50% increase. And more quakes that have shaken California this year -- trouble -- -- yet earthquake. Last month the US Geological Survey warned central Oklahoma was at a heightened risk for a damaging earthquake. In 2011. The state experienced a five point six that did cause some damage leaves little Leah. Grab the -- and stabilize themselves. Geologists suspect the increase is caused by waste water from natural gas fracking being pumped deep underground. Adding pressure to normally stable fault lines the industry denies that. But something has Oklahoma shaking well Ryan Owens ABC news San Antonio -- thank you.

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{"id":24167116,"title":"The Newscaster Live on TV When an Earthquake Hits","duration":"1:33","description":"Big jump in rumbles in Oklahoma -- fracking may be a factor.","url":"/WNT/video/newscaster-live-tv-earthquake-hits-24167116","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}