Newtown, Connecticut Shooting: 27 Killed, Gunman Dead

Chris Cuomo has the latest details from Sandy Hook Elementary School.
5:08 | 12/14/12

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Transcript for Newtown, Connecticut Shooting: 27 Killed, Gunman Dead
Right here in newtown, connecticut. The site today of a mass shooting and gunfire aimed at elementary schoolchildren. Here in front of the newtown united methodist church where people are gathering and tonight details are still pouring in. 27 victims, 20 children, seven adults. We heard about the incredible response by teachers inside the school, which is considered one of the leading schools in the nation. And also tonight, we have a new image of the suspected shooter as we tell you everything we know about who did it, what kind of weapons and why. We begin all of this with "20/20" anchor chris cuomo. What we know so far is inside this elementary school a group of young kids protected by their teacher. There was one deranged man who decided to take it all away. This morning the sandy hook elementary school was full of kids concerned about christmas and then at 9:40 a.M., Shots rong out. All unitings, the individual they have on the phone is continuing to hear what he believes to be gunfire. Inside, little kids are under attack. We heard all this racquet in the classroom. Horrible things are happening. Teachers make sure they're safe and then do the unimaginable. Reporter: What did the teacher do then? She brought us some books and we talked about things and we played little games in there. Reporter: Did you hear any more bad noises? Um, yes. Reporter: The teacher's calm matched by a storm of police activity, word of two shooters sparked searches in the surrounding area. Children are rushed out of the school single file hand in hand, eyes squeezed shut. We got in a line and we had to close our eyes. Reporter: How did you find your way out with your eye clos closed? We put our hands on other people's shoulders and then our teacher hold the first person's hand and she led us out. Chaos, nobody knew where anyone was. It was a mob scene of children and police and adult it is. Reporter: Dozens of family search for their kids as information trickles in. I heard children were taken out bloody. I'm very scared, worried about my son. It was terrifying. I'm still terrified, in shock about it all. Reporter: A situation that couldn't be any more terrifying, kids at the mercy of a deranged gunman, and yet it keeps getting worse. I need units and the school. I god bodies here. Among the dead, adam lanza and his mother. He came way bulletproof vest and four guns, including two semiautomatic handguns and possibly an assault rifle. He killed so many of the kids she loved. It's a very difficult scene for the family members for all the responding first responders. It's a tragic scene. Reporter: Yet many more survived, like little ella, who will still have a chance at a merry christmas. It's over, okay? Yeah. It was all the survivors, they're so young, it makes it so tragic. Yet the families are hoping they're young enough that they'll be able to forget and move on with their lives. Tell us the latest details about why and motive of the suspected shooter? It is always so important to us because that's the one thing we can learn in the situation, what drove this person to this horrible situation. Yet now it's getting more confusing. Authorities now believe that the gunman's mother was found killed in her home, not at the school. So the question remains now larger than ever, why did this man go to this school? Why did he attack these kids with such intensity? Details are still coming in, and we'll bring you up to date throughout this hour tonight as in this special broadcast. As we drove into town, you know you saw the beautiful hills coming into this incredibly wonderful town and tonight we see the flags at half staff right here in newtown and across the country, the flags are also at half staff, as today president obama addressed the nation tearing up as he talked about the grieving parents and their small children. The majority of those who died today were children. Beautiful little kids between the ages of five and ten years old. They had their entire lives ahead of them -- birthdays, graduations, weddings. The kids are gone. As we've said all day, we

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{"id":17978925,"title":"Newtown, Connecticut Shooting: 27 Killed, Gunman Dead","duration":"5:08","description":"Chris Cuomo has the latest details from Sandy Hook Elementary School.","url":"/WNT/video/newtown-connecticut-shooting-27-killed-gunman-dead-17978925","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}