Nigerian Girls Kidnapped: America Joins the Hunt

President Obama says U.S. sent a team to Nigeria to help search for hundreds of schoolgirls.
3:03 | 05/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nigerian Girls Kidnapped: America Joins the Hunt
The search intensifying for the hundreds of school girls kidnapped in Africa. Tonight UNICEF says another group of girls has just been taken a President Obama told ABC news today the US is now sending help. This as a -- the world the groundswell of outrage is only building people from every corner of the globe holding up signs that say bring back our girls. ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian -- is tracking the search at this hour Bryant. Well good evening Diane and what it calls the worsening nightmare in Nigeria UNICEF reported late today the abduction of eight more Nigerian school girls. A second brazen kidnapping by the same terror group already holding hundreds more taken last month. They have been brought here to take their final exams in safety. Young women aged fifteen to eighteen. Who then came face to face with the very terror group they had tried to flee whose name means western education is a -- Three weeks later the government of Nigeria says it still has no idea where that missing girls or their kidnappers are. Today at the White House President Obama told -- -- the FA BC news the US is now -- He -- we've already sent in a team to Nigeria. They've accepted our help. -- a combination of military law enforcement. And other agencies who are going in try and identify where in fact these girls might be and to provide them help. The failure of Nigeria to find the missing girls led to protests around the room. Including this gathering in front of the United Nations in New York. In Washington there was a moment of the silence on Capitol Hill and growing and the Nigerian government -- ineptitude. And more time goes by I think -- The less likely it is that they will be rescued. About fifty of the girls have escaped including these four. Avoiding the grim fate that may await the other yeah. We thought they were soldiers this young girls said. And they ask us to board the vehicle which headed toward him well in my friends and I jump in the vehicle and ran back home because we realize. They didn't look -- The remaining girls hundreds of them are in the hands of Boca Iran and its ruthlessly. Who has boasted there's a market for the young girls as sex slaves. And he intends to sell. Younger women. Carry. Price -- in these kinds of transactions. Human rights groups say there remains a thriving slave market in this part of Africa despite laws and crackdowns. By some estimates hundreds of thousands of children a year are sold into slavery. As domestic workers laborers child brides or prostitutes. So now the question is whether the US connect quickly enough to help the Nigerians find the missing school girls before they are sold off. Or worse Diane as the president -- heartbreaking thank you so much Brian Ross and Washington.

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{"id":23615477,"title":"Nigerian Girls Kidnapped: America Joins the Hunt","duration":"3:03","description":"President Obama says U.S. sent a team to Nigeria to help search for hundreds of schoolgirls.","url":"/WNT/video/nigerian-girls-kidnapped-america-joins-hunt-23615477","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}