Night of Terror in Nice, France

Death toll climbs after truck drives through crowds gathered to watch fireworks at a Bastille Day celebration.
3:24 | 07/15/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Night of Terror in Nice, France
The truck attack and niece France the death pole climbing on that story all day in. This searing image of course of the attack the truck speeding up as it headed toward crowds gathered to watch the holiday fireworks that truck. Four miles the police moving in when the truck came in to stop it killed a driver. Afterward to stunning carnage bodies covered in sheets scores killed including an American father and son from Texas. And this evening at least one American is among the missing. We have team coverage on this story as well and ABC's Alex Moore court reports from niece France tonight. New images tonight of the shoot out with the driver of that almost twenty ton truck. Police closing in throwing their guns here dragging a victim to cover. At this restaurant terrified screams a waiter putting his arm around a woman to bring her to safety. The white freezer truck rented three days earlier was picked up at 9:34 PM on Thursday night by a man alone on a bike. 30000. People packed along the Mediterranean to celebrate the French national day with a firework. At around 10:45. PM the attackers threw. Into the crowded promenade side swiping a motorcycle. Crowd the eight. Roller after stroller along those running for cover and seeing people holding babies screaming shall we move this morning over. The chaos spilling into the side streets. What's happening what is it can hear people asking. Just turning got out that. Somewhere that might be game. Some of the injured taking shelter inside this hotel lobby and others poured into nearby restaurants. The truck plowed on one point two miles long the famous seaside boulevard weaving past hotels shops and restaurants. When the attacker got to this point he opened fire for the first time shooting at three police officers they returned fire but weren't able to stop him and his Rampage continued. Over a few hundred more yards. Egyptian tourist capturing police approaching the truck aiming their weapons. The police thought that sure thing and at that time the post me away. The truck finally came to a stop right here you can see it bare behind that white fence it's windshields riddled with bullet holes from in the police fired on and eventually killed the driver. The attacker 31 year old Mohamad left was below dead in the passenger seat. In the truck and automatic pistol but for other fake guns and a malfunctioning grenade along with his driver's license and a bite him. On the promenade unimaginable. For. It all more than eighty dead tonight including ten children and an American father and son Sean and Brody Copeland. At dawn the trail of debris. In late this afternoon that light truck pulled away. And Alex Marquardt joins us now from -- France and Alex were learning more tonight about a person who's brave re kicked in they tried to stop that truck. David that's right a government official for this region told French radio that someone who was on the street tried to jump up. On to the truck to stop it it was in that moment that the police were then able to fire into the cab and take down that driver David Alex Marquardt tonight Alex thank you.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"Death toll climbs after truck drives through crowds gathered to watch fireworks at a Bastille Day celebration.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"40623837","title":"Night of Terror in Nice, France","url":"/WNT/video/night-terror-nice-france-40623837"}