North Korea Threatens Retaliation

North Korea says it will take action against any country that imposes sanctions for its activity.
1:43 | 01/27/13

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Transcript for North Korea Threatens Retaliation
The White House keeps a close watch on North Korea in fact this weekend. That country appearing to up the stakes again promising to retaliate against any country that imposes sanctions ordered by the UN. North Korea's new young leader also convening his team pumping spy satellites to -- -- tonight. And so we turn to ABC's Gloria Riviera in Seoul South Korea Gloria. Good evening David South Koreans are concerned tonight after North -- -- this country Alex. -- to take action against the people here -- South Koreans support the US backed sanctions now being put into place. According to North Korea central news agency that's it. Leader Kim -- and recently met with top military officials to discuss quote retaliation. Against both the US and South Korea if they helped confiscate much needed goods and supplies before they reach the north. That's just one part of the UN sanctions against North Korea. Punishment for its most recent long range rocket launch. And its plans to conduct a third nuclear test in -- -- North Korea's threats to the region and beyond are being taken seriously. Japan today sent to news spy satellites into orbit to monitor North Korean actions. The latest by imagery of the whom -- Reese site indicated test could take place on short notice. American officials believe North Korea's goal is to test a nuclear weapon small enough to be mounted on a long range rocket. That might be able to strike US territory. Even North Korea's strongest ally China is urging restraint China says it will cut food assistance if North Korea carries out another test. The concern is that north -- will pursue weapons development at any cost even the well being of its own people.

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{"id":18331206,"title":"North Korea Threatens Retaliation","duration":"1:43","description":"North Korea says it will take action against any country that imposes sanctions for its activity.","url":"/WNT/video/north-korea-threatens-retaliation-18331206","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}