North Korean Missiles on the Move; Tensions Grow

North Korean soldiers rally across country in call for all-out war against South.
1:54 | 04/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for North Korean Missiles on the Move; Tensions Grow
north korea and new images coming in, illustrating a growing tension and mystery along the border. South korean soldiers standing guard near the border that was shut down by the north this week. And on television in north korea, images of mass rallies in one city after the other. Thousands of uniformed soldiers carrying banners and chanting slogans about all-out war. Abc's bob woodruff reporting from seoul, south korea, where they're readying for the unknown. Reporter: It's been four days since u.S. Satellites last spotted two north korean missiles headed for the country's east coast. But for the past two days, the united states has not been able to pinpoint their locations. This is obviously making the administration very nervous, because we know there are two out there. We don't know exactly where they are and they could be launched any time and surprise not only the united states but japan and south korea as well. Reporter: South korean military now speculate that if there is a launch it could happen around april 15. Because that is the 101th birthday of kim jong un's birthday. Its a well known tradition in the north to carry out military actions around their most important anniversaries. Today on the streets of seoul there seemed to be very little stress. South koreans confident there will be no war. "Our government should have a sword in one hand and hold out their other," this father told us. "His regime will collapse." President obama urging china to convince north korea to back down. China is the only true ally but it's increasingly nervous about kim jong un's unpredictability. We noticed a generational division between those older with memories of that old war with north korea and those that are younger and lived their entire lives hearing these threats and propaganda and don't think this is any different this time around.

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{"id":18897927,"title":"North Korean Missiles on the Move; Tensions Grow","duration":"1:54","description":"North Korean soldiers rally across country in call for all-out war against South.","url":"/WNT/video/north-korean-missiles-move-tensions-grow-18897927","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}