NYC's Mayor Target of Ricin Attack

Mayor Bloomberg receives letters with deadly poison at his office and gun-control headquarters.
1:40 | 05/29/13

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Transcript for NYC's Mayor Target of Ricin Attack
Late word that two letters addressed to new york city mayor michael bloomberg have tested positive for the deadly poison ricin. The fbi is investigating and emergency workers who came in contact with one of the letters developed some symptoms. We're tracking all the late breaking details. Pierre, one possible motive here, bloomberg is not only the mayor, he funding a national movement on gun control. Reporter: Someone who hates new york mayor michael bloomberg and his stand supporting gun control has apparently sent him letters laced with the deadly poison ricin. Two letters we sent. One was detected at a new york mail facility. A second letter was sunday to washington associated with And referenced the gun control debate. Bloomberg has called for background checks and a ban on assault rifles. It's derived from castor beans and can be deadly. So far no one in contact with the letter has become seriously ill, but a number of peo have shown symptoms of exposure. Thankfully it looks like everybody is going to be okay but the fbi, the nypd and the stay's joint terrorism task force is investigating. And pierre, do they have any idea if there's any connection to the ricin letters that were sent to the president and members of congress last month? Doesn't look like it. A mississippi man has been charged in connection with those letters. But there's been a spate of these cases in the last week. Okay, pierre, thanks so much. We turn now to the severe weather threatening half the country tonight. Violent storms from texas all the way to new england, this

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{"id":19283031,"title":"NYC's Mayor Target of Ricin Attack","duration":"1:40","description":"Mayor Bloomberg receives letters with deadly poison at his office and gun-control headquarters.","url":"/WNT/video/nycs-mayor-target-ricin-attack-19283031","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}