Obama Rules Out Long-Term Ground War Against ISIS

President says limited U.S. troops needed in fight against ISIS, Iran is key in fight against terrorism.
2:22 | 02/11/15

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Transcript for Obama Rules Out Long-Term Ground War Against ISIS
tonight, the president has now asked congress for military authorization, a limited combat operation, involving American troops on the ground against Isis. Late today, president Obama making his case, why the air strikes so far won't work on their own. Outrage tonight from some members of congress. It comes after we learned the fate of that final American hostage, Kayla Mueller, who was killed. Some believe she had been married off to an Isis commander. Tonight, we hear about the phone call explaining to the families why the U.S. Does not pay ransom. ABC's chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz in the region, reporting in from Iran tonight. Reporter: As coalition air strikes pound Isis targets across Syria and Iraq, more than 2,300 so far, tonight, president Obama says it's not enough. With vile groups like this there is only one option. Reporter: The president is asking congress to authorize a three-year military assault on Isis, including limited ground combat operations. That could mean placing some special ops troops alongside frontline Iraqi forces. But Obama is ruling out another long-term American ground war. It's not in our national security interest. Reporter: The president's call coming as the U.S. Reels over the death of Kayla Mueller. Obama himself revealing how excrutiating it was telling her parents he would not give in to her captor's demands. It's as tough as anything that I do. Reporter: Now, an unlikely ally is stepping up its own anti-isis campaign. Iran. And we are on the ground, as the country's leader sends a strong message -- the U.S. Can't defeat Isis without Iran's help. Still, an anniversary rally today shows anti-american sentiment. What this celebration is really all about, why all these people have come together, is the perception of victory over the U.S. Over western influence. Which is why all around me are shouts of "Death to America." But they are anti-isis, too. Or dash as it's called here. We don't like them. Reporter: We don't, either. Iran's president even told the massive crowd today that his nation is key in the fight against terror. The U.S. Says there is no coordination between the nations, fighting this common

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{"id":28904695,"title":"Obama Rules Out Long-Term Ground War Against ISIS","duration":"2:22","description":"President says limited U.S. troops needed in fight against ISIS, Iran is key in fight against terrorism.","url":"/WNT/video/obama-rules-long-term-ground-war-isis-28904695","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}