Officials: How Did ISIS Get So Many Toyotas?

Rugged trucks, SUVs appear in droves in ISIS videos.
2:38 | 10/07/15

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Transcript for Officials: How Did ISIS Get So Many Toyotas?
how unusual it is to have an incapacitated pilot two days in a row. David? David Kerley covering aviation for us. David, thank you. Now, to the race for 2016 and the new headline involving Dr. Ben Carson. And what about guns. He was asked about the school massacre in Oregon and what he could do if a gunman pointed a gun at him and asked him his religion. Cecilia Vega with question. Is what Ben Carson says have done. If a gunman walks up and puts a gun at you, says, what religion are you, that is the ultimate test of your Fait Reporter: Seemingly indestructible. Which has made the Toyota hilux a vehicle of choice in war Zones around the world. Including by Isis. Their propaganda videos show convoys made up mostly of Toyota hilux pickups and land cruisers. And now ABC news has learned that a U.S. Treasury counterterrorism unit is asking Toyota to help them determine how so many of its trucks, both newer and older models, have ended up in the hands of Isis. There are too many for it to be just stolen. Reporter: Former American diplomat mark Wallace, who now runs the counter extremism project, says he suspects Isis supporters are buying many of the trucks from Toyota dealerships and turning them over to the terror group. We believe that sales are being diverted from these dealerships in order to support Isis. I think it's a concern to the United States government and our allies. Reporter: The Iraqi ambassador to the United States says Isis has hundreds of brand new Toyotas in its fleet. How could they get these four wheel drives, they could with hundreds of them. Where are they coming from? Reporter: Toyota says it does not know how Isis is getting its vehicles, and that it is impossible to control indirect, or black market, sales. But no one from Toyota would agree to appear in our report and when we went to last month's big Toyota dealer meeting in las Vegas, hotel security officials flashed lights into our camera lens and ordered us to stop taping or else. If you could just walk right out this way. And Brian with us now. We just went to make this clear. Toyota says it doesn't know how Isis is getting its hands on these trucks. Reporter: That's right. In a statement, Toyota says it is not aware of any of its dealerships violating company policy not to sell to terrorists groups. All of this is part of a broad U.S. Effort to keep Isis from using its supply of casual to equip and resupply its terrorist army. Brian Ross and your team, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:38","description":"Rugged trucks, SUVs appear in droves in ISIS videos.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"34298429","title":"Officials: How Did ISIS Get So Many Toyotas?","url":"/WNT/video/officials-isis-toyotas-34298429"}