4 Ohio teens accused of murder

The boys allegedly tossed a sandbag onto a road, killing one motorist.
1:28 | 12/28/17

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Transcript for 4 Ohio teens accused of murder
where four teenagers as young as 13 years old appeared in court today, facing murder charges after they allegedly tossed a heavy sandbag from a Toledo overpass, striking a car and fatally wounding a passenger. ABC's gio Benitez with the new developments. Reporter: One by one in an Ohio juvenile courtroom today, four teens brought before a judge to face murder charges for what police say was a prank that turned deadly. Their families seen hugging some of them. The boys, all between 13 and 15 years old, allegedly tossed a sandbag from this interstate that slammed into car below. I just went underneath the bridge and something hit my car, it hit my friend and he is not moving. Reporter: The passenger in that car, 22-year-old marquis Byrd, a father of a little boy, died from his injuries days later on December 22nd. Police calling it a deliberate act. Today in court, all four boys entering a denial to murder charges. I will say that I saw tears today, you know, from each of the juveniles and I don't always see that at a detention hearing. Reporter: It comes just two months after five teens in Flint, Michigan, were charged with second degree murder after police say they flung rocks off this overpass on the same highway, killing 32-year-old father Kenneth white. Those teens have pleaded not guilty. And Tom, back in Ohio, the victim's family says they are trying to make sense of this tragedy. He leaves behind a son that will turn 3 next year. Tom? All right, gio, thank you. Next tonight, new

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{"duration":"1:28","description":"The boys allegedly tossed a sandbag onto a road, killing one motorist. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"52016611","title":"4 Ohio teens accused of murder ","url":"/WNT/video/ohio-teens-accused-murder-52016611"}