Oklahoma 'Tornado Alley' Residents Fear for the Future

What's next for victims of recurring tornadoes, are more storms on the way?
1:48 | 06/01/13

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Transcript for Oklahoma 'Tornado Alley' Residents Fear for the Future
kids to get to the freezer. Thanks. Lahoma city is known by meteorologist as the capital of tornado alley sitting the very center of the tornado zone. Powerful storms like this are expected but certainly not two weeks in a row. Tonight we wanted to know are there more storms or are there simply more people now living there, higher populations from 20, 30 years ago that made for such a deadly and frightening combination. Mike boettcher who lives in oklahoma city reporting in tonight. Reporter: Adversity defines the people here. Check the herd before the house. Life resuming amidst the tragedy. Oklahomans have taken a lot of punches but all agree the last two weeks have been a blow below the belt. Me and six others survived. This timegilmore's kitchen took the hit as did the stock yards where it was a popular hangout. We survived under that stairwell. The cafe's employees hid under a stairwell and when they emerged life was different and so was tracy. She has had enough. I'm sorry, oklahoma. But no. She's not staying. Most we spoke to are determined to hang on even as more people put down roots here. Look how much the region built up over the past 20 years. People like ang lo whose 120-year-old house stood witness to oklahoma's tough history but could not survive the outbreak of may 2013. This is where your heart is and I guess that's why we stay. Back at the stock yards, mark gilmore will built back his restaurant. I ain't going nowhere. We'll dig a little deeper. I think it will be okay. It will. While oklahoma will get back on its feet, more fempeople are asking what they can do to protect themselves.

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{"id":19306319,"title":"Oklahoma 'Tornado Alley' Residents Fear for the Future","duration":"1:48","description":"What's next for victims of recurring tornadoes, are more storms on the way?","url":"/WNT/video/oklahoma-tornado-alley-residents-fear-future-19306319","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}