Olympic Miracle on Ice: The Sequel

U.S. shootout win over Russians in ice hockey event ends with heart-pounding finish.
3:00 | 02/15/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Olympic Miracle on Ice: The Sequel
Call -- instant classic the US facing off against Russia in hockey tied after overtime then the dramatic shoot out. The American players waiting they -- the box anxious as their teammate goes out on the ice alone. Take those shots and then this jumping over the wall and onto the ice celebrate when that final putt goes in and -- hero. TJ ocean right there on the right who got four shots into the net under extraordinary pressure president -- and watching right there in the arena. It was a thrilling yet gold at Olympic match up that miracle on the ice back in 1980 when the US scored an upset victory over Russia during the Cold War. Also tonight from Sochi the US speed skaters -- those high tech suits with that controversial event instead putting -- their old ones. But did it help that it. ABC's -- -- is -- man and so -- tonight Matt start us off of that Russian match up. David this was perhaps the defining moment of the Olympics so far it didn't matter that this wasn't a medal game so much seeing -- -- To give you a sense of how important it was here both the Russian president and the prime minister were on hand to watch a bruising game. Played mostly for national prime. Tonight some are calling TJ Joshi the savior of Sochi. A ferocious face Diop played before Russia's president Vladimir Putin the Russians taking the lead the Americans never giving up. But it was punishing. Then look at -- This slap shot that would have won it for the Russians pinging off an eternal bar it looked like it -- But disallowed after officials ruled the death had moved we watch the game with a group of -- to prompting cheers and strokes with -- -- -- Okay. The court to two overtime still tonight -- did the shoot out the back in fourth. Eight -- -- rounds TJ Yoshi keeping US alive with an unprecedented. Four goals in the shoot out and and three times between the -- Yeah I was -- -- the change things up in the Hossein tipsy in a little bit of the same stuff so. Those on something. This is what people. Want to see. When they show up -- but there would be no triumph on the ice for American speed skaters. Two time gold -- -- didn't -- today. -- didn't shut out Davies had been using this under armour suit with a bench in the back. Designed to reduce drank but after concerned event may have slowed them overnight US skaters voted to dump the new -- In favor of these older trusty once with the blue sleeves and new things. He didn't help Davis finished eleventh in the 15100. And the US speed skaters disappointment is -- perhaps only by the disappointment in Russians. By the rest a lot of controversy here tonight over that goal that was disallowed Russians want to get another opportunity to -- the US. Which showed it won't be easy they played with a lot of heart tonight David Fincher did Matt government -- -- looks -- -- a good time watching that hockey -- thank you.

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{"id":22536411,"title":"Olympic Miracle on Ice: The Sequel","duration":"3:00","description":"U.S. shootout win over Russians in ice hockey event ends with heart-pounding finish.","url":"/WNT/video/olympic-miracle-ice-sequel-22536411","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}