Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte Robbed at Gunpoint

Lochte reveals details after he was robbed at gunpoint after leaving a late-night party.
1:56 | 08/15/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte Robbed at Gunpoint
We turn to Rio now and we have new reporting at a bare consumer Ryan walked who was robbed. And a difficult stumble today for Simone vials of the balance beam final reaching down to keep from falling off still lowering broads. ABC's back up and with more on that an on the robbery as Matt learned firsthand about the. Heavy security in place to protect the athletes and the spectators. Tonight right lucky may be headed back to the US but the fallout he Europe remains. On Saturday night locked he snapped chatting this moment. According to braves club. He says he and three teammates then took a cab when suddenly men in police uniforms flashing badges pulled them over ordering them to the ground. About a gun he. Into. The swimmers handed over their money. Lucky also a helpful to Olympic organizers. Who based on what he told them. Publicly denied the incident never habit card misuse or comments at Pittsburgh two Maltese and it was three minutes later reversing course admitting robbery did hath no wonder if you could explain to us what happens is. Bryant laughed until there was this in this leading him. I can spend a very very simply. What I said most people also means give them out they I call an update from you silk. I KGU soaks up date and then as a novel and often that the US a CC tonight it was going on the information locked he gave. Everybody where they go out. Last week we didn't really squad intense week between Rio and its people safe resilient that we need Powell. Good at all the. David the USOC is reiterating its security protocols to American athletes here. That is were alerting other foreign delegations here are prohibiting their athletes. From go it some of Rio's most famous beaches David Wright back up and leading our team and re.

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{"id":41408072,"title":"Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte Robbed at Gunpoint","duration":"1:56","description":"Lochte reveals details after he was robbed at gunpoint after leaving a late-night party.","url":"/WNT/video/olympic-swimmer-ryan-lochte-robbed-gunpoint-41408072","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}