Oregon Mall Shooting: Gunman Identified as Jacob Tyler Roberts

Neal Karlinsky, David Wright reveal the latest details emerging after mall tragedy.
4:46 | 12/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oregon Mall Shooting: Gunman Identified as Jacob Tyler Roberts
Another shooting another safe part of American life shattered by violence a photo graph was released today up 22 year old Jake Roberts. He worked at a deli outside Portland Oregon police say this is the person who opened fire. On holiday shoppers at a mall firing at families in the food court. He killed two people and then himself. Tonight the shooters family and his girlfriend are speaking out to ABC news and -- -- -- -- -- -- the Christmas shopping rush lines of shoppers even children could be seen streaming out with their hands up. While -- shooter was still inside. A day later police now say the gunman was 22 year old Jacob Tyler Roberts a young man with no history of serious trouble. Who they -- stolen assault rifle from an acquaintance. And set off alone on a deadly Rampage. -- you not understand the motive of this attack. Except to say that there's no -- relationship between the suspect in -- victims. -- sands burn doesn't understand either the president knew -- never. -- -- -- -- millionaires in an interview with ABC news the shooters ex girlfriend told us she has no -- what could have triggered this sudden and brutal attack. This is the last stand -- ever expected. -- from him. -- -- -- Never mean to anybody. She says just last week the -- she knew it's fun loving and nonviolent. Suddenly quit his job -- -- -- deli and sold all of his belongings telling her he was leaving Portland and moving to Hawaii. He has -- -- he's ready to go. And then this happened and it is easy to guess why was it even -- back -- his mind. Nothing like they calculated killer police say stormed one of Portland's most popular shopping malls. Killing 54 year old hospice nurse Cindy -- -- who was Christmas shopping. And 45 year old Stephen Forsyth a father of two -- ran a business in the mall. And wounding fifteen year old Christina Shevchenko. Now in the hospital. Columbine Virginia attack Aurora in each of those Rampage is the killer sent signals their lives had gone off course this time no sign of trouble. This afternoon the woman who raised Roberts released this picture of a once happy little boy. And asked her friend to read a statement. She has no understanding -- explanation for her son's behavior. She's very sad and wants everyone to know she is so sorry what she did this so out of his character. Police are now running down search warrants on the shooters home and -- trying to get in this frame of mind so far. Despite everything we know from friends and family there is just no good explanation. As to what set him off Diane. Neal Karlinsky -- thanks to you and as we said we've gone back to track. What happened minute by minute at the mall who fled in terror and how so many managed to survive. And with that now as ABC's David Wright. Today we learned just how cold blooded the killer was. Police say Roberts made a beeline from his car in the parking lot through Macy's carrying -- -- fifteen semiautomatic assault rifle he wore a ballistics vest packed with -- And a hockey style face mask. The end of the mall on the upper level. By the time he got to the food court he was already firing -- -- annual and Stephen Forsyth. He shot down into the lower level courtyard to hitting Christina Shevchenko now in the hospital. Then his gun jammed police say Roberts bolt it down a flight of stairs got his rifle working again and killed himself -- JC Penney's. This was a heartbreaking tragedy. By any standard. But today everyone agreed it was a miracle only two people were killed. Experts say in a situation like this the most important thing is to make yourself less of a target run away or find cover preferably behind something hard. The best being -- free standing ATM or mailbox. Get behind that because those are very hard -- the mall Santa dove to the floor and -- radio program well. Comedian running as a -- a big red target writer -- That was my thought -- and armor -- -- good target. All had an emergency lockdown procedure designed for situations like this from people who -- cases like -- -- find. If they reacted quickly they realized that it was an emergency and they reacted. Quick reactions that clearly saved lives David Wright ABC news -- a story.

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{"id":17948938,"title":"Oregon Mall Shooting: Gunman Identified as Jacob Tyler Roberts","duration":"4:46","description":"Neal Karlinsky, David Wright reveal the latest details emerging after mall tragedy.","url":"/WNT/video/oregon-mall-shooting-gunman-identified-jacob-tyler-roberts-17948938","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}