Osama bin Laden Son-in-Law Faces NYC Trial

Sulaiman Abu Ghaith pleads not guilty for conspiracy to kill Americans.
1:33 | 03/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Osama bin Laden Son-in-Law Faces NYC Trial
Trapper in the search for justice in the war on terror is underway tonight as the son in law of Osama bin Laden has been captured and brought right here to New York City. He was in a courtroom today very near ground zero ABC's Ron Claiborne tells us why and what happened. Security was extraordinarily. Tight this morning for the arraignment of -- imam -- -- The husband of Osama bin Laden's daughter fact -- And the first member of the terror masterminds family to appear in a US civilian court dressed in blue inmates clothing Abu -- said little going to proceeding just yes and noticed several questions from the judge. His lawyer entered the not guilty plea on his behalf and just before and after the 9/11 attacks Abu -- serve as an outspoken propagandist for al-Qaeda. The indictment says he conspired and agreed to kill Americans. -- the Justice Department decided to try him in a civilian court rather than send them to. One -- -- if out of date does go on trial -- almost certainly be here at the US district courthouse in lower Manhattan. That courthouse less than one mile from here ground -- Karen Greenberg of Fordham law school was inside the courtroom and you bring somebody who is alleged to be within the inner circle -- operation not as a symbolic importance for everybody in New York for the jurors and -- -- families. Abu -- -- held without bail he will next appear in court in April. -- very likely stand trial later this year. Ron Claiborne ABC news New York.

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{"id":18689023,"title":"Osama bin Laden Son-in-Law Faces NYC Trial","duration":"1:33","description":"Sulaiman Abu Ghaith pleads not guilty for conspiracy to kill Americans.","url":"/WNT/video/osama-bin-laden-son-law-faces-nyc-trial-18689023","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}