Oval Office Meeting Between Trump and Obama

President-elect Donald Trump and President Obama appeared to present a united front, promising to work together for the betterment of the country.
4:33 | 11/10/16

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Transcript for Oval Office Meeting Between Trump and Obama
Good evening it's great to have you with us here on a Thursday night and another day of firsts just two days after that historic election president elect Donald Trump. Traveling to Washington to the Oval Office to meet President Obama for the first time. The long tradition of a peaceful transfer of power has begun. President Obama promising to help mr. trump succeed mr. trump and asked by our correspondent in the room will he accept the president's council has advice. You'll hear his answer. And later the president elect and his wife belong as soon to be First Lady getting a tour of the capital. House speaker Paul Ryan taking mr. trump out onto the balcony to show him where he will be sworn in 71 days from now. We begin tonight with ABC's Jonathan call. President elect Donald Trump left trump tower this morning with a quick wave. Pound for the airport where his plane was given a so called water salute before taking off for Washington DC. After White House and Oval Office meeting between two of America's most bitter rivals. Red okay. While I just the officer to have an excellent conversation with president elect from President Obama uttering words if you would ever have imagined I. Been very hurt by. B. I think interest. President frozen like trumps. Wanting to work with the my team. Around. Many of the issues that this great country faces most of all. I want to emphasize to you. His personal. We. Now our. Wanna do everything we can't help you succeed because this is true that the country. Food. This. Was a meeting that was going to ask for me and look at. It's we just couldn't get to know each other we had never met each other. I have great respect. In for. Almost an hour. And it could've as far as I'm concerned that it could have. We really. We discussed a lot of different situations some wonderful and some. The focus. And very much look forward to dealing with the president. In the future including council. Excellence over the difficulties some of the the high flying assets and some of these cover the really great things that have been. And achieve. So Mr. President it was a great being with you and I look forward to being with many many more times. Current president with some advice for his successor. Odalis. What we tried anyway. Let's go. Very hairy man at purchase it for all the words of graciousness. Bad blood remains. He said and what it Donald Trump is temper mentally unfit to be commander in chief. Uniquely unqualified. Does he still believe that. The look that the president's views haven't changed he stands by what he said on the campaign trail. So the White House saying the president stands by some of the words he used to describe mr. trump during that campaign Jon Karl with a slide from the White House tonight and John that ninety minute meeting in the Oval Office just President Obama and president elect trump one on one no aid to the room. David is meeting was also much longer than expected the White House said he did not resolve all of their differences. Nor did they try to resolve all their differences. But until you what struck me. Is it the meeting did not appear all that tense considering the bitterness of this rivalry. It was a much less awkward than I would have expected and Jon Karl we've learned another former president has reached out to president elect from Bill Clinton calling. Bill Clinton has called offered his congratulations. We're told it was a short call. And that the former president wished the president a lock the president elect could lock. John Carl league is off tonight from Washington John thank you and another moment at the White House today another tradition. The first lady's meeting. First Lady Michelle Obama hosting a lot of your trump for T and a tour the private residence we're told tonight that the two women discussed the challenges of raising children. At the White House.

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{"id":43455963,"title":"Oval Office Meeting Between Trump and Obama ","duration":"4:33","description":"President-elect Donald Trump and President Obama appeared to present a united front, promising to work together for the betterment of the country.","url":"/WNT/video/oval-office-meeting-trump-obama-43455963","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}