Overwhelming majority in US support Russia probe: Poll

In a Bloomberg interview, President Trump suggested he may shake up the Justice Department.
2:28 | 08/31/18

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Transcript for Overwhelming majority in US support Russia probe: Poll
Trump's attacks on the Justice Department the FBI and the Robert Lawler investigation. The president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani says he's prepared terrible report to Muller's findings would ever they may be. And the new ABC news poll showing president trumps disapproval rating heading in the wrong direction. As Americans also show where they stand on Robert Mueller here's ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. Campaigning today in Charlotte the presidents of approval rating is down. Now an overwhelming majority of Americans say they support special counsel Robert Moeller Russian investigation. It's just worn poll but the numbers in today's ABC news Washington Post poll. 63%. Say they support Mueller just 29%. Say they don't this comes as the president has ratcheted up his attacks on the special counsel. And even on his own Justice Department which oversees the investigation. Our Justice Department and our. FBI. Have to start doing their job and doing it right in doing it now. We've. People are angry. That was the president last lead in Indiana he went on to say he might take control of the investigation. Himself. What's happening is a disgrace. And at some point I wanted to stay out. But at some point if it doesn't straighten out properly of one of the do their job I will get involved and I get in there by half. I. Meanwhile in an interview with Bloomberg News. The president suggested he may shake up his Justice Department starring with the man at the top attorney general Jeff Sessions. I just like to have Jeff Sessions do his. Our job. And begin to be very happy but the job entails two cents now Winston. And Jon Karl joins us now from the White House John the president also said in that interview that the special counsel investigation initiated. By his own Justice Department is outright he legal something even some of his own lawyers don't believe. On facts Rudy Giuliani is lead attorney said today that he does not see it that way although Giuliani did call the investigation ill legitimate and regardless Tom. You can expect that from now until the mid term elections. You'll hear harsher and harsher attacks on the special counsel as a central theme coming from this White House Tom Jonathan Karl for us tonight Jonathan thank you.

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"In a Bloomberg interview, President Trump suggested he may shake up the Justice Department.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"57538618","title":"Overwhelming majority in US support Russia probe: Poll","url":"/WNT/video/overwhelming-majority-us-support-russia-probe-poll-57538618"}