Owen Labrie Acquitted of Felony Sex Assault Charges

The jury convicted him of several other charges, including a felony.
3:32 | 08/28/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Owen Labrie Acquitted of Felony Sex Assault Charges
We begin with the bombshell verdict in the case that has captured national attention. Emerging from court, the former student accuse of raping a classmate. A jury, nine men, three women, finding him not guilty of the most serious charges. But then collapsing as he learns his fate, guilty of one felony and other charges. Sparking a conversation about teens and sex. First, gio Benitez, who was inside the courthouse. Reporter: The face as he was acquitted that he forcibly raped his 15-year-old schoolmate in the science building. She testified that she said no. Sobbing in court today as the verdict was read. The jury were not convinced. But also rejected la brie's claim that that didn't have sex at all. They convicted him on charges of having sex with a minor, and using a computer to entice her to the senior salute. There's something I want to share with you. Reporter: Prosecutors claiming the flowery language that he and his friends were competing to "Slay" the most girls before graduation. By the defendant's own words, older students take great pride in taking the virginity of the younger students. Reporter: What does this tell you? These were two teenagers getting together for a consensual encounter. Reporter: A spokesperson for the family saying they were betrayed by the school. We trusted the school to protect her. And it failed us. Reporter: Tom, today, the school sent a letter to parents praising the girl's unwaferiveunwavering commitment to the truth. Tom? And Dan, did they believe him? Well, they didn't believe him on the crimes related to age. In terms of rape, they said they didn't think the prosecution could prove within a reasonable doubt that it wasn't consensual. Will he face up to 11 years in prison? He could be facing two to three years, but because the world is watching, I think you'll see a tougher sentence. Probably more like five to ten years, and perhaps more important, he will have to register as a sex offender for life.

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{"id":33394260,"title":"Owen Labrie Acquitted of Felony Sex Assault Charges","duration":"3:32","description":"The jury convicted him of several other charges, including a felony.","url":"/WNT/video/owen-labrie-acquitted-felony-sex-assault-charges-33394260","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}