Pain at the Pump: Gas Prices Jump

Average price for gallon of gas jumps up 18 cents since beginning of month.
1:34 | 07/21/13

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Transcript for Pain at the Pump: Gas Prices Jump
Some of the 6,000 evacuees are being allowed to return home. Millions of americans on the road hoping the temperatures and the gas prices, too, would come down. Tonight, the average price of a gallon of gas is $3.67. Up 18 cents since the beginning of the month. Across much of the country, it's closer to $4 a gallon. The most expensive summer at the pump in years. Abc's susan saulny tonight on what's behind it. Reporter: From pump to pump, gas prices delivering a sting and pinching pocketbooks. I couldn't fill up my full tank today. Reporter: How much gas did you get? I got about $35 worth. Reporter: Drivers scrambling to save a few cents. We're trying to find the cheapest station. We're only going to fill up a little bit here. Fill it up there tomorrow. Reporter: Experts say this is the new normal for the rest of the summer. This is the largest price spike since back in february. Reporter: In michigan, $3.83, up 38 cents a gallon in the last two weeks. Indiana, up 32 cents. Ohio, 35 cents. The question on everyone's mind, where are gas prices going? They could continue to rise. Reporter: And all this despite america making domestic oil at a record pace. One problem? A shortage of pipelines to move all that oil to consumers. When might drivers start to feel some relief? Gas prices drop in the fall, so unfortunately, not anytime soon.

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{"id":19730311,"title":"Pain at the Pump: Gas Prices Jump","duration":"1:34","description":"Average price for gallon of gas jumps up 18 cents since beginning of month.","url":"/WNT/video/pain-pump-gas-prices-jump-19730311","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}