Panicked Shoppers Hunt for Gifts on Christmas Eve

The deals last-minute shoppers can still take advantage of this holiday season.
1:30 | 12/25/15

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Transcript for Panicked Shoppers Hunt for Gifts on Christmas Eve
Next tonight, still have a few gifts to buy? Well, you're not alone. But if you think you've missed all the good deals, don't despair. There are still plenty to be found in these last few hours, and in the days ahead. ABC's Linzie Janis on the hunt. Reporter: Today, frantic shoppers rushing around for those last-minute gifts. Did you mean to be still shopping on Christmas eve? I never mean to do this, but I do it every year. Only reason why I did, laziness. Reporter: Retailers eager to help out. Target stores across the country, staying open until 10:00 or 11:00 tonight. And toys "R" us, until 9:00. Or, go online. Amazon prime members can get two-hour delivery from now until midnight. And retailers like coach and Macy's will even e-mail a description of your gift to the relative who slipped your mind. They can then change the color or size, even exchange it before it ships. Get home and wrap all this. I do. Reporter: Good luck! Go! But the holiday shopping season is still far from over. Some of the best pre-christmas deals extended after Christmas. Like this iPhone 6s at Best Buy. Just $1 for qualifying customers who extend their contracts. The shopping frenzy is set to kick off again in roughly 36 hours, with some stores open as early as 6:00 A.M. On Saturday. Tom, the good news is, the deals are expected to be as good or better than black Friday. I think the malls are just going to stay full. All right, Linzie, thank you so

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{"duration":"1:30","description":"The deals last-minute shoppers can still take advantage of this holiday season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"35947885","title":"Panicked Shoppers Hunt for Gifts on Christmas Eve","url":"/WNT/video/panicked-shoppers-hunt-gifts-christmas-eve-35947885"}