Papal Conclave 2013: A Possible Driver for the Next Pope

David Wright speaks to a driver who currently works for a papal candidate.
1:57 | 03/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Papal Conclave 2013: A Possible Driver for the Next Pope
And finally tonight, someone we met here in rome has a true front-row seat on history. He's not a cardinal. He drives a minivan. And one of his passengers is being being mentioned as a contender to be the next pope, which could put him behind the wheel of the next popemobile. Reporter: From pope benedict's historic abdication -- ♪ to the moment they closed the doors of the sistine chapel today -- father antonio hofmeister has had a front-row seat to history. The driver's seat. Reporter: So you have had quite the busy week. Yes, quite a busy week. Reporter: It's been his job to chauffeur three brazilian cardinals, including one of the front-runners, cardinal odilo scherer of saw paolo. Today I was thinking, today is the last journey of one of these thre Reporter: You might be dropping them off, but not picking them up. Yes, yes. Reporter: A lot of responsibility for a young priest. And the rome traffic. Can you imagine that? Reporter: Traffic that's now even worse as the pilgrims and tourists start to arrive. Any normal day it's just chaos. Reporter: I don't think you can swear with a cardinal in the back seat. No, no, no. I better behave with three cardinals. Reporter: Father antonio is here in rome doing a masters degree on church history. Now I'm kind of living it! I'm seeing all the guys. I have probably shaked hands with the next pope. Reporter: He especially likes cardinal timothy dolan of new york. He says the cardinals in his minivan haven't really been talking papal politics. What do they talk about? They talk about soccer. Reporter: Today as he dropped them off one last time, father antonio put in a request, in case his cardinal wins. Reporter: What do you hope? I hope to be the popemobile driver! Reporter: You never know. David wright, abc news, rome.

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{"id":18714421,"title":"Papal Conclave 2013: A Possible Driver for the Next Pope","duration":"1:57","description":"David Wright speaks to a driver who currently works for a papal candidate.","url":"/WNT/video/papal-conclave-2013-driver-pope-18714421","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}