Papal Conclave: Father John Wauck Gives a Must-Watch List

Vatican expert discusses the start of papal conclave, what to expect in coming days.
2:22 | 03/12/13

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Transcript for Papal Conclave: Father John Wauck Gives a Must-Watch List
I want to turn now to father john wauch of rome via chicago ho has been watching all day the conclave. We heard cecilia talkbout the crowds. You were saying to me, it was a different feeling you had out there today. I think that what you see is, once the conclave has begun, there's a change in the air. There's a change in the tone surrounding the vatican. Taking this seriously, knowing this matters? You could say that the opening of the conclave, with the music and the hymns and the pageantry of it, the prayer, casts a spell, almost, on the city. And the people in the square this evening, waiting for the smoke, I think, you get a sense that they were participating in this momentous decision. Right back there in the dormitory, 115 cardinals are having dinner, we're told it's pasta with tomato sauce, what a surprise in rome. But what do they know from today for sure? How does it change their approach to the morning? What you have is a reality check on what might have been wishful thinking in favor of one candidate or another. I have this favorite candidate, maybe he could be the pope. Now they're thinking about, maybe I need to think more seriously about this other candidate that I don't know so well. I need to be more informed about this person. Those are probably the kinds of conversations that are taking place now. You were telling me earlier today that the cab drivers, it's the cab drivers, if they had a vote, wouldn't be close. It would be ican because? There's no question who the cab drivers are in favor of. It's american. They have money and tourists who come to rome to take the cabs. So the cab drivers are rooting for cardinal o'malley or cardinal dolan. Okay, thanks so much. Thanks, take care. And we also want to tell you tonight about a sign of modern times. Today we learned about a new service, it's called pope alarm.Com. It promises to send you an e-mail or text when a new pope is named. Promising, when the smoke goes up, you'll know what's going down. And be sure to watch our continuing special events coverage tomorrow right here on abc news. We will be standing by all day and bring it to you, the moment it happens. Special coverage here on abc.

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{"id":18714166,"title":"Papal Conclave: Father John Wauck Gives a Must-Watch List","duration":"2:22","description":"Vatican expert discusses the start of papal conclave, what to expect in coming days.","url":"/WNT/video/papal-conclave-father-john-wauck-watch-list-18714166","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}