Passengers Walk Away Unscathed After Miracle Plane Landing

US Airways jet was forced to make emergency belly landing at Newark Airport.
1:58 | 05/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Passengers Walk Away Unscathed After Miracle Plane Landing
evening we're hearing what it was like for passengers on board that plane making an emergency gear. You can see the pilot bringing the plane down, the sparks as it hits ground, the flashing lights, the waiting fire trucks. That plane spent much of the day sitting right there on the tarmac as investigators explore what happened. And they applaud the pilot for getting that plane down safely. Lisa stark on the drama as it unfolded. Reporter: Dramatic emergency landing at 1:00 in the morning at newark national airport, the turbo prop on its belly and sparks flying as the metal scraped the runway. The worst was the skidding because you heard everything and felt the skidding. Reporter: When the flight came to a stop fire crews immediately explained the plane and runway with foam to ensure there was no fire seen here in photos obtained by abc news. 31 passengers on board and three crew, everyone got off safely including this college student. He says the pilot warned passengers to brace themselves, to get ready for an emergency landing. I was just scared as to what could have happened while we hit the ground. Reporter: Before touching down, the crews circled the airport as controllers in the tower and the pilots tried unsuccessfully to trouble shoot the problem. Abc news has learned the left main landing gear would not go down. So the captain decided to bring all the gear up and attempt the belly landing. I ran off right away and i called my mom and let her know i was safe. Reporter: The ntsb has the black boxes from the usairways plane and is investigating. Usairways believes this was a mechanical issue isolated to this particular plane and wasn't part of a wider problem. Pilots tell us they train for these white knuckle landings and this training paid off.

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{"id":19209683,"title":"Passengers Walk Away Unscathed After Miracle Plane Landing","duration":"1:58","description":"US Airways jet was forced to make emergency belly landing at Newark Airport. ","url":"/WNT/video/passengers-walk-unscathed-miracle-plane-landing-19209683","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}