Persons of the Week: Oklahoma Teachers

Brave teachers who helped their students survive the Oklahoma tornado.
3:25 | 05/24/13

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Transcript for Persons of the Week: Oklahoma Teachers
Finally tonight here, we are just back from oklahoma, and it wasn't difficult choosing or "persons of the week." The teachers protecting their students, even though so many of them are parents, too, with their own children in those two schools. Their screams we will never forget. The children burying their heads at briarwood elementary, trapped under that tornado hovering overhead. We will also never forget the calm instincts of their teacher. So many teachers. Mrs. Diedzik, who told them this -- it's almost over, it's almost over. Reporter: But there was something else about these brave teachers. So many of them are also parents. And so many of them had children someplace else in those schools. Mrs. Diedzik, who was helping her own students -- she didn't note about her own daughter in the fourth grade or her son in the first grade. Both survive and we saw the moment little sam found his mother, looking up at her, concrete grit in his hair. When she took us back this week, she showed us where he was, in the back corner of that room. And lying on top of him and the other children, his teacher, mrs. Bittle. My son and all of the kids huddled down with their hands clasped behind their heads. And that's where he was. Sheri is a friend and a coworker. And I know my son and daughter were in the hands of people that loved them. Reporter: And this is mrs mrs. Bittle. My class was safe and well. And the teachers at plaza tower didn't have that blessing. And I can't even imagine. Reporter: We were given a tour of that school too. Plaza towers elementary. Where they lost seven little faces in one hallway. What's still a mystery, a miracle, is how so many others got out. Most everything there is gone. And then we notice mrs. Marinelli's first grade classroom in tact. The schoolwork right there on the desk where it was left. And just before that tornado hit, they were writing what they liked most about their teacher. She gave me cupcakes. They were remng, because this was just a couple days left of school for the year. We also learned that she had her children singing in the hallway, trying to distract them in the classroom next door, we were surprised to meet miss dominick, already back picking up the pieces. She taught the autistic children. She said many didn't understand what was happening. Be you she has the presence of mind to pull out her ipad to have them text message their parents. What did they want to say? They just wanted to say mom, come get me, or, you know, i want to go home. Reporter: And from mrs mrs. Bittle, what got her through. I noticed your necklace. Pray big. Yes. Yes. Reporter: And you did, you said. I did. Reporter: I know a lot of the parents are grateful to you. And to them you would say -- your child is my child. All day long, and all year long. Reporter: And so we choose the oklahoma teachers. And every teacher in this country who jumps in when our children need them. Our child is my child, she said.

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{"id":19253983,"title":"Persons of the Week: Oklahoma Teachers","duration":"3:25","description":"Brave teachers who helped their students survive the Oklahoma tornado.","url":"/WNT/video/persons-week-oklahoma-teachers-19253983","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}