Pet Obesity Awareness Day

Spa gets family dogs and cats into shape, emphasizes the importance of diet and exercise.
1:51 | 10/09/13

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Transcript for Pet Obesity Awareness Day
Finally tonight, you may not know that today is pet obesity awareness day. Or how much it's actually needed. With more than half of america's pets overweight, we're doing our part to show the new spa that is getting family dogs and cats into fighting shape. As abc's gio benitez learned, diet and exercise make all the difference for pets, too. Reporter: Four little legs treading through water, shedding pounds. Lola leading the charge. A kind of weight loss spa for pets. We have a fitness pool for dogs. Yes, exactly! Reporter: Here, pups run on treadmills. Jump hurdles. Even perform aerobic swims. Because just like us, our furry friends are battling the bulge. And online, fat cats trying anything to swim down. 52% of docks and 58% of cats are now obese. Lola is supposed to be ten pounds, but she weighed nearly 30 times that. Her owner said it's hard to say no. It's been a good day to have a treat. You are feeling blue, let's have a treat. Reporter: Now, lola is southwesting it out. We work them out like humans. Reporter: And no fatty snacks here. A healthy yogurt parfait, even some bacon bits, just for a little flavor. Here you go. So, how can you tell if your fido is fit and not fat? Well, the key is being able to feel their ribs, but not see them. Lola's well on her way. She's already lost seven pounds. Just ten more to go. Good girl. See her tag wagging, her little feet are moving. Makes me very, very happy. Reporter: Gio benitez, abc news, norry ristown, new jersey.

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{"id":20524563,"title":"Pet Obesity Awareness Day","duration":"1:51","description":"Spa gets family dogs and cats into shape, emphasizes the importance of diet and exercise.","url":"/WNT/video/pet-obesity-awareness-day-20524563","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}