Planet Earth as you've never seen it before

"Planet Earth II" documentary shows the beauty of our planet with unrestricted access.
1:13 | 02/22/17

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Transcript for Planet Earth as you've never seen it before
saw "Planet Earth" you remember how breathtaking it was. Tonight, they are back, and it took three years and 40 countries. Here's ABC's Terry Moran. Reporter: You've never seen "Planet Earth" like this, soaring on the back of an eagle. Her extraordinary eyes enable her to spot prey from over three kilometers away. Reporter: Leaping through the Madagascar forest alongside an indri lemur, strutting a courtship dance with hundreds of flamingos and so much more. Bbc's "Planet Earth II" takes you right there, up close to the world's wildlife shot over the course of more than three years, in 40 different countries, on 117 separate filming trips. Much of the wow factor comes from the newest technology, gyro-stabilization tools that allow camera operators to move with the animals. Drones, and miniaturized and remote cameras capturing the rarest scenes...all in eye- popping ultra-hd. And that eagle-eye experience? To capture an eagle-eye view of dramatic flight took a more extreme approach. It's the perspective of a diving eagle. Reporter: Reminding us that the most incredible animals are humans. That airs Saturday night. We air right here tomorrow night. See you then. Good night. A wild on drug recall on camera. A family assaulted on the T.

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{"id":45675311,"title":"Planet Earth as you've never seen it before","duration":"1:13","description":"\"Planet Earth II\" documentary shows the beauty of our planet with unrestricted access.","url":"/WNT/video/planet-earth-45675311","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}