Political Firestorm Erupts in IRS 'Tea Party' Scandal

Outrage grows as investigation finds IRS targeted conservative groups for special scrutiny.
1:40 | 05/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Political Firestorm Erupts in IRS 'Tea Party' Scandal
Firestorm in Washington this week BI -- is expected to reveal the results of an internal investigation. That shows the agency targeted the Tea Party and conservative groups. What were -- looking for and what's this politically motivated ABC's reunited tonight at the White House. The I arrest may be in need of an audit say critics. After revelation did specifically -- after conservative Tea Party groups. I don't care if you're conservative -- liberal. Democrat or Republican. This should send a chill up your spine. New allegation from the I -- inspector general's report due out this week. Reportedly claimed that senior -- -- officials knew about the targeting. As early as 2011. So why did agency's commissioner appointed by George W. Bush. Say this to congress last year there's. Absolutely no targeting the -- -- is apologizing. Saying none of the groups scrutinize had its tax exempt status revoked. But acknowledge some withdrew their applications. The agency also blaming three lower level employees. Insisting no high level officials knew about the targeting house stupid do they think we power some groups -- even asked for a list of donors -- very disappointing that the president hasn't personally. -- -- that's the White House insists this was not a political witch hunt but also admits this is -- over. The president would. Expected be thoroughly investigated Tea Party members say it's not good -- not. Is there be using the power they -- that they have any IRS it's completely unacceptable. House majority leader Eric Cantor says he plans on launching an investigation.

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{"id":19164787,"title":"Political Firestorm Erupts in IRS 'Tea Party' Scandal","duration":"1:40","description":"Outrage grows as investigation finds IRS targeted conservative groups for special scrutiny.","url":"/WNT/video/political-firestorm-erupts-irs-tea-party-scandal-19164787","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}