Powerball Lottery Drawing: Winners From Arizona, Missouri

Alex Perez reports the search for the two winners splitting half a billion dollars.
3:21 | 11/29/12

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Transcript for Powerball Lottery Drawing: Winners From Arizona, Missouri
And now, we move onto two towns that had reason to rejoice today. Two tickets won that half a billion dollar lottery. One ticket sold in arizona, another in a tiny town in missouri, where, tonight, winners have come forward, but will not be announced until tomorrow. In the meantime, the 496 neighbors of that town are eyeing each other and asking, "is it you?" Two reports tonight, starting with abc's alex perez in missouri. Alex? Reporter: Well, diane, this is a teeny tiny town. In fact, this is the only cafe in the small downtown area here, and all day, there's been just one question that everyone is asking. Who won the jackpot? Welcome to dearborn, missouri, population, just 496. And possibly home to one of america's newest multimillionaires. I want to know who won, that's about it. Reporter: It cook's corner cafe, a place where everybody knows your name, everyone seems to be staring at each other a little closer today. This is the biggest thing that's ever happened in dearborn. Reporter: In a town this small, word travels quickly. One man even claiming on his facebook that he's the winner, but until an official announcement is made, the mystery is growing. Could be anybody, so, we're just waiting to find out. It's so exciting. Reporter: The winning powerball ticket sold here at trex mart, the only gas station in town. It would be neat if it's somebody we know. Reporter: There are already dreams of that very lucky person helping to make dearborn better. I hope it is somebody that will do something good in this town. Reporter: The possibility of one neighbor's extremely good fortune, enough to raise good spirits here and fill them with hope. Alex perez, abc news, dearborn, missouri. Reporter: I'm david wright at the 4 sons market in fountain hills, arizona. An ordinary gas and go market, today, the focus of a national obsession. I've never seen anything like this in my entire life. So, hats off to the winner. Hats off is right. I'm jealous. Reporter: The arizona winner bought the ticket yesterday, but lottery officials won't pinpoint the time just yet. Otherwise, we might be able to spot them on the store's time-stamped surveillance tapes. I wonder if you'll recognize the winner. I'm hoping I do because a lot of people tell us if we sell the winner, they're going to send some money of way. Well, it's time to step up. Reporter: There are plenty of consolation prizes, including 66 new millionaires today. Folks who got five out of six numbers. Among them, 34-year-old larry chandler. I kept looking at the ticket, looking at the newspaper, looking at the ticket, lng at the newspaper. So it's pretty cool, man. Reporter: Tonight, he's taking his girlfriend to celebrate at red lobster. Today's winners have 180 days to claim their prizes or lose them. Nationwide, about $800 million went unclaimed last year. That money goes to education or other programs at the discretion of the state. Some states allow winners to remain anonymous. Not arizona. Here, you're not required to accept your winks in the form of a five-foot check, but your name and your hometown are made public and as soon as that happens, diane, these winners will find that they have a lot of new friends. I'm sure you're right. Thank you so much, david. And now, we move onto a

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{"id":17842669,"title":"Powerball Lottery Drawing: Winners From Arizona, Missouri","duration":"3:21","description":"Alex Perez reports the search for the two winners splitting half a billion dollars.","url":"/WNT/video/powerball-lottery-drawing-winners-arizona-missouri-17842669","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}