Former President Clinton and President Obama Endorse Hillary Clinton

Hear why these two commanders-in-chief make the case for the first female president.
4:10 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for Former President Clinton and President Obama Endorse Hillary Clinton
The CB we have just learned some of what President Obama planned to say about Hillary Clinton just a short time from now and ABC Cecilia Vega is right down on the floor. With that part of the story tonight. Tonight President Obama preparing to take distaste for what the white house calls quote the biggest moment he has left. Program. Obama arrives in Philadelphia with one urgent goal to make the case for Hillary Clinton. It is his turn to return the favor it 2008 printed in defeat on that convention stage urging her supporters to vote for him. Barack Obama. Is my candidate. And he must be our president. From bitter adversaries on the campaign trail to close partners in the White House. Now the president for most powerful ally. There has never any. Man. Or woman. More qualified. For a bit off. Senior White House officials telling ABC news the president will make clear tonight that she is quote the torch bearer for the Democratic Party. And yes expects some hard knocks on Donald Trott. And he is already decrying the attacks on Clinton. Is somebody who. Does this have my share of given went. In the public I'm I'm surprised by sometimes and I I don't think it's fair. Obama of course not the only president in Clinton's corner in the spring nine team. Seventy woman. Another girl. Bill Clinton lashing out her Republican opponents. Really no change maker. Represent very real threat. So. I'll be your only option. Is to create a cartoon. A cartoon. All started their Monaghan department tonight Hillary Clinton herself. One step closer to celebrating this historic Mo. And Cecilia Vega joining us down from a very boisterous excited crowd there in the convention floor tonight and Cecilia. Bill Clinton last night never mentioned Donald Trump by name nor did Michelle Obama on night number one but you've learned tonight that. President Obama will proceed and David were told that unlike those other primetime speakers the president will go there and people mentioned Donald Trump's name repeatedly one source. Just now telling me that when it comes to Donald Trump the president will lay out what's at stake. And the selection David Wright to CLC in primetime tonight in the meantime we do have new reporting this evening on when President Obama spent much at this time tweaking. And finishing what people say about Hillary Clinton right here tonight. If it turns out it has a lot to do with what he saw from his wife First Lady Michelle Obama earlier this week. To me that emotional case for Clinton to start the week off. ABC's Jonathan Karl's also on the floor tonight in Jon you've learned he was up watching and then stayed up for hours after the first lady's speech to finish this off. David the president started writing his face more than two weeks ago. He had been through it about a half dozen drafts could at the white house on Monday night he was watching Michelle Obama give her speech. And after that he stayed up until three. 30 in the morning we are told at the White House reworking his speech Obama alumni and the Clinton team are not lowering expectations they're expecting. One of his best speeches. And be heard Cecilia just report there that the president is expected to talk about Donald Trump here in prime time but John you also have right in front of these some of that speech. 1 of the central arguments the president plans to make tonight. David he'll talk about working with Hillary Clinton's side by side at the White House including during that Osama bin Laden raid. Hussein excerpts we have quote. Nothing truly prepares you for the Oval Office Hillary has been in the room she has been part of those decisions. All right Jon Karl with a slot tonight.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"Hear why these two commanders-in-chief make the case for the first female president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"40944390","title":"Former President Clinton and President Obama Endorse Hillary Clinton","url":"/WNT/video/president-clinton-president-obama-endorse-hillary-clinton-40944390"}