President-Elect Trump Lashes Out at Intelligence Community Over Russian Hacking

Also, new questions about Trump's top pick for National Security Advisor and his calls to Russian ambassador.
3:18 | 01/14/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President-Elect Trump Lashes Out at Intelligence Community Over Russian Hacking
President elect Donald Trump inauguration day one week from today and tonight the trump team acknowledging. But mr. Trump's pick for national security advisor retired general Michael Flynn. Did call the Russian ambassador the same day President Obama announced sanctions on Russia for the hacking during the presidential election. Tonight they say they have a good explanation for this and here's our chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. It was these so called blacks want exercised that brought incoming trump national security advisor Michael Flint to the White House today. That's eight doomsday drill designed to prepare the new team for any crisis that may hit but ladies already in the hot seat facing new questions about his contacts with the Russia's ambassador to the US it started with text messages on Christmas Day. According to the trump team Flynn sending holiday greetings but four days later. Just as President Obama is announcing retaliatory sanctions against Russia for attack of the Democratic Party. Flynn in the Russian ambassador speak over the phone the trump team insist the call was simply about logistics. Are centered around. Beatty. Logistics of setting up a call with the president of Russia. And the president a lack after he was sworn in and they exchanged. We just go information on how to initiate and to echo that call that was plain and simple. But that call happened less than an hour after the retaliation was announced. Not just sanctions. But also 35 Russian diplomats thrown out of the country the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee today questioned the appropriateness of the phone call. Pointing out that Flynn has close ties with the Russians even sitting next to Vladimir Putin. At a dinner sponsored by the Russian TV network RT in Moscow back in 2015. General finds a history with a Russian TV and his. Proximity. Two food and at least that the RT dinner. All of that concerns me is there's a lot to be concerned about what how this new administration. We'll approach the Russians. No word directly from trump on any of this yet. But the president's elected get blasted those unsubstantiated reports. The Russia has been gathering compromising personal information to blackmail him tweeting quote. Totally made up facts probably released by intelligence. Even knowing there is no proof and never will be meanwhile democratic congressman John Lewis today said he plans to boycott the inauguration. In part because he believes the Russians helped get trample elected. Unless it is. President elect. Has a legitimate president. And Jon Karl live at the White House tonight John your reporting that the trump team does acknowledge the general Flynn did talk to the Russian ambassador. On the same day the sanctions over the Russian hacking the incoming team. On the phone with an adversary but they say this was about something else. The trump team insist they didn't talk at all about the sanctions but I am told David that Flynn and the Russian ambassador. Did talk about something else the ambassador extended an invitation to flee and to attend peace talks hosted by Russia on Syria. This a pretty big deal because those are peace talks that the Obama administration has been frozen out all right John Harwood a slot at the White House John thanks as always.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"Also, new questions about Trump's top pick for National Security Advisor and his calls to Russian ambassador.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"44771037","title":"President-Elect Trump Lashes Out at Intelligence Community Over Russian Hacking","url":"/WNT/video/president-elect-trump-lashes-intelligence-community-russian-hacking-44771037"}