President Obama Puts Pressure on GOP to Denounce Donald Trump

Trump under fire for criticizing Muslim family whose son made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the military.
5:17 | 08/03/16

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Transcript for President Obama Puts Pressure on GOP to Denounce Donald Trump
We begin tonight with the breaking developments in the race for the White House what could be an all wild war within the Republican Party brewing at this hour. Donald Trump and what he's now saying about how speaker Paul Ryan. And it all comes after another controversial headline just today when a trump supporter gave Donald Trump his own purple heart. Trump's answer I always wanted to get a purple heart this was much easier. It just a short time ago trump declaring about the com family who lost their sons or I don't regret anything. We begin would ABC's Tommy on this on the campaign trail. Tonight don't won't. Who never saw combat never served in the military. Now has a purple heart intercepting very nice just happened to me a man came up to be. And he hit me Hughes. Purple heart. But trump then seeing this I hear and that's like that's like big stuff. I always want to get the purple heart. This was much easier. The moment. Now shining a spotlight on Trump's own military record. The Republican nominee once touting his time in military school saying quote I always thought I was in the military. But trump never mated to a battlefield during Vietnam getting for college deferments and then a fifth one. I had a hit that minor medical deferment for fees for a bone spur of the foot. Which was minor. Still today's rare admission dive. I've regretted not serving in many ways it comes as trump is still tangling with the Muslim family oval falling. US soldier. You'll have factored why is nothing. Rolled being back at the Cullen family claiming he has sacrificed as well. The committal opposite differences. I worked very very hard I've created thousands and thousands of jobs tens of thousands of jobs. Built great structures had done I've had I've had tremendous success. I think there's a lot of questions. From should think this sacrifice. Today Eric trump asked him his father should apologize to the cons and I think he has by calling them a hero you know in. It turns the one question whether you've made a sacrifice. I think my father has now that's certainly not ultimate sacrifice Eric trump adding this I think this is something that was honestly blowing. Be hugely out of proportion to what it was don't troll who kept tweeting about the content for days after their convention appearance. And today no regrets. I don't regret anything I said nice things about the sun. And I feel that very strongly. But of course I was hit very hard from the stage and. From that Iraqi war veteran who gave trump his purple heart I mean 100%. Behind him I know other veterans that are behind him. But to date President Obama putting pressure on Republicans to denounce the nominee. If you or repeatedly. Having to say. In very strong terms what he has said it is unacceptable. Why are you still endorsing. Also today an unscripted moment of the trail troll interrupted by a crying baby don't worry about that baby Emma baby so. I love that idea that baby crying out. I liked the moms. Around like don't worry about it but then just one minute later actually I was only kidding you can get to the community. That's known. Well worried. I think you and I believe me that I love having a baby crying while speaking. That's how can. That unscripted moment with the baby today Tom dumbest with a slot tonight Tom back to the president for a moment but today said Donald Trump is quote unfit to be president. President Obama than asking Republican leaders today why are you still endorsing trump and have we heard from any key Republican leaders tonight. David that may have been the strongest attack yet from President Obama on Donald Trump and the Republican leadership. And David tonight silence from GOP leaders nothing from Mitch McConnell nothing from speaker Paul Ryan responding to the president. David found out misleading us off tonight Tom thank you meantime as I mentioned there at the top there could very well be a war brewing within the Republican Party at this hour. Donald Trump and house speaker Paul Ryan and tonight just a short time ago. Donald Trump saying he is not ready to support Paul Ryan whose own primary back home is now just one week from tonight. So let's get right to Jon Karl tracking it all tonight not ready to support Paul Ryan just. Needs to go make no mistake David in politics this is war. We remember how Ryan intro met earlier this year to mend fences and how Ryan under pressure endorse trump endorsement he has had to defend. Over and over again and this is how trump repairs and the bottom line here could Paul Ryan lose back home because of this. Well we'll look this is a low turnout August primary you have trump. Praising Ryan's opponent there is zero reliable polling the honest answer is who knows our Jon Karl you'll stay on this throughout the night John thank you.

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{"duration":"5:17","description":"Trump under fire for criticizing Muslim family whose son made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the military.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"41081587","title":"President Obama Puts Pressure on GOP to Denounce Donald Trump","url":"/WNT/video/president-obama-puts-pressure-gop-denounce-donald-trump-41081587"}