President Obama on the Violence in Syria

New violent clashes in Syria, 1 million children may have fled the violence.
2:04 | 08/23/13

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Transcript for President Obama on the Violence in Syria
to what could be a turning point for america and our involvement in syria. Tonight, violent new clashes erupting right where the alleged chemical weapons attacks took place this week. And this evening a haunting new number. One million children without homes, some of them ripped from their parents. That's the equivalent of all the children and boston and lls combined. Tonight it's what the president is now saying about those attacks that signals america might soon be involved. Martha raddatz on the region on what it was the president said. Reporter: These are the images that have had the white house huddled in marathon meetings. The suspected chemical attack, syrian women, children, estimates ranging upward of 1,000 killed. What we've seen indicates this is clearly a big event of grave concern. Reporter: Speaking to cnn, the president raising the stakes. That starts getting to some core national interests that the united states has. Reporter: Syria's chaos. Its chemical weapons and its breeding of terror, a threat to the entire region and our key ally, israel. All of which could mean a threat to america. On the table, everything from missile strikes, on down to the formal arming of the rebels, which america has committed to, but still has not done. But those images of the suspected attack and that stunning milestone of a million children fleeing their homes has nations across the globe saying now is the time to act. David, the president does not want to go to war with syria. America does not want to go to war. But his words, that this is impacting america's core interests, are critical. And make it extremely difficult to just stand by any longer.

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{"id":20053473,"title":"President Obama on the Violence in Syria","duration":"2:04","description":"New violent clashes in Syria, 1 million children may have fled the violence.","url":"/WNT/video/president-obama-violence-syria-20053473","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}